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BodyTalk – Energy Medicine

‘My son was very miserable and didn’t want to socialise. Judging from the difference in my son after just a few sessions, it can only be an excellent experience. He is more interactive, smiling and happy now.’
JR Cornwall

‘I had worked with Jotipal a couple of times when I had a serious accident which necessitated a spell in hospital and major surgery. I asked Jotipal if she could do a remote session before my surgery, which she did. The outcomes of the operation was better than the surgeons expected.’
TW Frome

What is BodyTalk?

‘When the body talks to itself, it can heal itself. Healing really can be that simple.’
Dr Don Pilipovich, SBI

BodyTalk is an energy system and has also been termed a consciousness health care system. It takes into account that the mind and body are intrinsically linked and as you start to unravel the mind, so too do the physical symptoms of the body. It works on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level and is also a wonderful personal development tool.

BodyTalk with Jotipal KaurIt was devised by Dr J Veltheim in 1995, and it incorporates the following techniques:

  • Clinical findings of Kinesiology
  • The Energy Dynamics of Acupuncture
  • Osteopathic and Chiropractic Philosophy
  • Insights into modern physics and Maths

How does BodyTalk work?

Our body has a natural ability to heal itself.  If we cut ourselves or break a leg, the body will heal.  So why is it that injury or dis-ease seems permanent?

BodyTalk does not diagnose and then treat a specific problem.  As practitioners we are facilitating your body’s own wisdom and ability to heal itself by bringing your systems back into balance.  We see the the BodyMind being one, and rather than thinking of the mind residing in the brain, we see it residing in every cell in the body and so we use the term consciousness health care because we are looking for the deep reasons why these symptoms exist rather than they symptoms themselves.

BodyTalk can help many different health issues because we are working with the body and its priority rather than the agenda of the practitioner and a diagnosis.  We are not just working on the physical body, but the multifaceted layers which make you to be who you are and so during a session we could be working with childhood memories, trauma, environmental factors which can effect you, chakra’s or balancing your five elements as in Chinese Medicine and much much more!

Every session is different because the body works to its own agenda, allowing us to unfold the story of what is being held there.  We then tap this out, synchronizing communication between all systems, releasing energetic blocks and old patterns so the cells start to reproduce in a healthy way and communicating effectively with each other.  We then move from a state of unbalance to one of balance and good health.

Why is it so effective?

BodyTalk’s main assets are its simplicity, safety and speed of results. It is comprehensive, non-invasive and works effectively on humans, animals and plants. Clients often see long lasting change rather than short term symptomatic relief because it works at addressing the root cause of the problem.

‘Jotipal is very knowlegeable and is able to give clear and accessible explanations of what is going on in my body/mind which is important for me. Her approach is compassionate, warm and very professional. I would recommend BodyTalk with Jotipal to anyone who needs support to improve their physical, emotional, mental or spiritual health.’

What happens during a BodyTalk session?

‘I have hesitated to write this as I can hardly believe it! I have more physical energy, …I feel like a human being…I am not dragging myself around…I have more enthusiasm to do things…I feel good. THANK YOU!!!’ DC Devizes

‘I have had a number of Bodytalk sessions with Jotipal and each time have noticed subtle and yet significant changes in me within a couple of days of the treatment.’ KH Frome

BodyTalk uses biomuscular feedback, Jotipal KaurClients lie down (or sit) fully clothed and the practitioner uses a type of biomuscular feedback to locate the imbalances in the body that are a priority or are not communicating properly.

We use tapping techniques on the brain and the sternum as well on specific body parts to help restore balance and store the new information.

The brain and heart are electromagnetic generators and tapping theses areas has important effects on reducing stress and creating long lasting changes in health and well-being.

My clients have found this type of energy medicine to be very powerful and effective in creating long-term benefits in a wide range of conditions.

‘The effect of the treatment today was very powerful and empowering. Thank you very much.’ MB

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