£3000 in two weeks?! – Finding Prosperity through Meditation

‘By believing passionately in something that still does not exist, we create it. The non-existent is whatever we have not sufficiently desired.’ Franz Kafka

Finding Prosperity through Meditation

I started a prosperity Meditation just after my birthday and made the commitment to do this for 120 days. I am now in week three and amazing things have started to happen!

Firstly I received a new sofa! I needed one and had been without one for several months but had been getting used to the minimalist style of sitting about on cushions; eastern style! When up ‘popped’ a post on facebook for a free sofa and it was delivered to my door by two strapping men that very same day! You may think that this is a very small act of prosperity but I felt there was some movement towards abundance.

So, it was of little surprise to me that I then did something that I don’t normally do! I sat down, opened and then read someone else’s blog! There I was this fine, sunny morning and I had 20 minutes to myself (amazing!) to sit and read! The title caught my eye ‘My 2 week business challenge’ By Amanda Weller. I know her as a fellow BodyTalk Practitioner and began to read with curiosity!

Self Belief as a Meditation Tool

£3000 in two weeks?! You must be joking! And all the usual limiting beliefs come flooding in ‘that is not possible, ‘I don’t have time’, ‘I can’t earn that sort of money as a single parent.’ Wow, so many limiting beliefs around money and BodyTalk is a really great way to shift them!

And then it got me thinking. If she can do it with two children, then why can’t I? Suddenly the possibility opened up on the horizon. What if it is really possible to move beyond those limiting beliefs to something, which in that one moment seemed unobtainable? How would my world change if this was possible?

Well this really got me thinking. We live in a world of abundant possibilities and yet we often limit ourselves so much that we struggle to make ends meet. We are so caught up with the day to day mundane that we forget the magic of life; the prosperity and abundance that is there, always for us all. Yet by simply seeing that it is possible, it opens up a whole new world where the magic of life does happen and all we have to do is Believe It Is Possible and take the next step!!

What has become possible for you today and what step will you take?

 ‘Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen.’ Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe


Jotipal Knecht is a Bodytalk Practitioner and Kundalini Yoga Teacher

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  • Jotipal! It is Georgie I was looking you and you have inspired me. Also, there is something in the planest definitely at the moment. I have had huge yoga classes in September and October and really earned some good money as well as the wonderful awareness that I was sharing the beauty of Kundalini Yoga with over a 150 people a week, from babes in the womb to 90 year olds and every age in between, and all sorts of people from different walks of life and lots and lots of beautiful children. We are blessed to have this life as teachers and healers! It is so lovely to be in touch with you again, I have been thinking about you a lot recently. Love to you, Georgie

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