Therapeutic Touch

‘Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.’ – Vicktor Frankl

Therapeutic Touch is the key to unraveling our identification with our ego.  Our conditioning is so strong that we believe our thoughts and our feelings define us and yet they come and go and are therefore transient. Therapeutic Touch is based on the teachings of Mooji and is also based on the teaching of Kundalini Yoga.


Thoughts and feelings only have a hold over us when we identify with them so strongly, when we are unable to process them effectively and end up holding onto them which then creates more of the same and so the vicious cycle goes on and on.  We can spend our whole life in this pattern, creating misery within ourselves and stored emotions that then have a detrimental affect on our physical and mental well-being. So, how to come out of this suffering?
Therapeutic touch is the process of self inquiry.  Who Are We Really?  When we start to observe our thoughts and our feelings, we can begin to create a space around them. We can start to realise that our thoughts and feelings don’t just happen to us, but that we really do have a choice about the way we think and feel and the way we live our life.  Most of us believe that life happens to us, and yet through the process of self enquiry we can see that we are the creator of our reality. Changing the way we think and feel by coming out of identification with it has a transformational affect on our experience of life.

Our True Self is constant, peaceful, loving and joyful and is not attached to something outside of ourselves. Love is a state of being and we all have the ability to tap into this place within ourselves.  All it takes is a little patience to really look.

Jotipal uses the process of therapeutic touch within her Bodytalk sessions and intuitively works with people to bring about the transformation in health and healing. She found this work to be profound and life changing in her own healing and uses these techniques to also equip clients with the tools within themselves to help them with their own healing.

To book a session for Bodytalk please contact Jotipal Kaur by email or call her mobile on 07774 553 227

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The Numerology of 2018

The Numerology of 2018 by Felicia Bendetz

2018 = 2 + 0 + 1 + 8 = 11 Year of Mastery

The Numerology of 2018 points to 11 which is the Master number. Then reduce again: 1 + 1 = 2 Some numerologists never reduce the Master numbers and so this would be an 11 Universal Year.

A constant Push Pull

Numerology of 2018 points to mastery

The Numerology of 2018 points to The Master numbers which brings an undeniable intensity and a higher spiritual purpose. The Master numbers carry a higher frequency and vibratory influence. Energetically speaking, they’re always pushing you. In practical terms, in the year 2018, the energy supporting and guiding all of us is rather intense. This means that we’re going to feel high-strung mixed with a certain level of anxiety. We are going to feel a constant push and pull to be more and do better, often to the point of distraction. You might also notice that you have higher expectations for yourself, even when others can’t see that those feelings are going on inside of you. Everyone will be getting the internal call to step it up this year.

More Significant Challenges

What does the numerology of 2018 mean for you on a practical level? It means that we’re here to “master” the elements presented to us within the frequency, vibration, and “theme” presented by the Master 11. It means that our strengths will be bolstered and yet we will also be faced with more significant challenges. The bottom line: It is not easy! Master numbers not only demand that we step up and take the lead in life, they also make conflicting demands on us. The Master Numbers are innately in conflict with themselves.

The Master Means Teacher!

2018 gives us an opportunity to set up

The overall mission for all of us during this 11/2 Universal Year is to clarify the limits of our responsibility and learn to work in cooperation with harmony, balance, and mutual respect. Yet, the Master numbers present us with conflicting agendas. Understand that “Master” means “Teacher”. And the Master numbers challenge all of us to “master” our lives in ways that are perhaps more elevated. When you work with a Master number, it is as though you are enrolled in a school for the gifted. And just to complicate matters, the energy of 2018 encourages us – on top of the mission outlined by the number 2 – to use our creativity, intuition, and healing abilities for the benefit of humanity as a whole. The double 1 is all about leadership and confidence – the 2 is all about harmony and love.

Year of the Wounded Healer

You see how this year might offer up some strange and conflicting experiences across the board. If you are astrologically inclined, you might deepen your connection with the number 11 by its association with the Chiron figure. We could nickname 2018 “The Year Of The Wounded Healer.” Its energy offers deep and profound healing at a core level. Yet, this “healing” might not be apparent from the outside. It is often an internal healing – a shift in perspective resulting in a reconfiguration of our core sense of reality and our place within.’ (Numerology by Felicia Bendetz)


What do you want to master in 2018?

Come and join a Kundalini Yoga class which will help you find your excellence!

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The Healing Power of the Breath

The Healing Power of the Breath

we are perfectly made and yet we do not believe we are

we are perfectly made and yet we do not believe we are

The Healing Power of the Breath

How deep do you breathe? Your breath tells your story!

Just look at children and how they radiate such Joy. They breathe deeply, are present, fully connected to themselves and what they are feeling.

They are spontaneous, free and full of abundant joy.

So what happened to us?

  • Time is ‘speeding up’, there is just ‘not enough time’
  • We live life from the limiting beliefs of the subconscious mind.
  • We are stressed out trying to control our ‘reality’
  • The Lack Mentality….’not enough money’ ‘not enough work’ ‘not enough time’
  • We are ill or dis-eased, do not sleep properly and we cannot fully embrace the joy of being alive.
  • We have lost connection to our bodies and our body wisdom and forgotten how to BREATHE!

Your Body is your Subconscious Mind.’ Candice Pert

The Mind-Body Connection

The body is a reflection of the mind. When we are stressed out, the mind becomes rigid and disconnected from the body and then the body suffers sickness and dis-ease. The BodyMind is no longer at ease. Emotions that are not processed become stored at a cellular level in peptide receptors which have an impact on our physiology. This in turn can create the body to respond in a certain way such as inflammation, allergies, chronic pain, headaches, digestive disorders, infertility, diabetes or cancer.

Breathing Into Life

One of the first stages of healing is to reconnect with the body through the breath. The breath brings us out of the thought driven minds and back in touch with the body. Once present with the body, we can begin to feel what is happening there, you can begin to release stuck emotion, the body becomes freer, the breath becomes deeper and the mind begins to settle. There is now scientific research to suggest that pranayama and breath work can reverse oxidative stress.

BodyTalk, Therapeutic Touch and Kundalini Yoga all work on bringing us back to being present with ourselves. They help to unravel the mind and our conditioning that holds us in old patterns of behaviour and belief systems that do not serve us.

By unravelling the mind, you start to see the unravelling of our physical problems and the physical and emotional pain falls away. As we begin stripping away the masks that hold us in identification with the ego we can begin to live in a more conscious way. We then become freer, more present and ever more joyful. We become once again in the flow of Life and in touch with our Golden Light which helps us shine. That is our birthright.

‘A wise man refuses to be confined and limited to the restrictions of the physical world and uses the expansive mind to achieve ultimate fulfilment.’

Come and experience BodyTalk and Kundalini Yoga to find your joy and have life work for you. I am based in Frome, Somerset however I can also work through skype so distance sessions are possible.

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Epigenetics-You Are Not A Prisoner Of Your Genes!

The Power of Epigenetics with BodyTalk!

The most exciting news of all is that the conversation between body, mind and genes can be transformed. This transformation goes far beyond prevention, even beyond wellness to a state called radical well-being.’ Deepak Chopra MD and Rudolph Tanzi PHD

Have you ever made this statement?

‘And it was never the same after that….’

Perhaps your symptoms became increasingly worse after a specific event or illness?


Your symptoms do not seem to improve despite having previous BodyTalk or other healing modalities?


This means that your genes have gone into epigenetic lock down due to some environmental circumstance and this has created markers around the DNA to influence how that gene responds. You may have released the emotional charge around the event or the toxicity but still the markers remain. It is like an Epigenetic lock. The good news is that we now have the key…..

We now have powerful tools and techniques in BodyTalk to unlock these epigenetic markers and switch off disease.

Do you experience any of the following?

Digestive problems?

Ongoing emotional pattern?

Anxiety, depression, bipolar?


Accelerated Aging?

Autoimmune issues?





These disorders have all been identified with strong Epigenetic evidence.

Our Environment Influences Our Genes

Epigenetics has shown that our environment has a profound effect on the way our genes behave. What you eat, how much you exercise, your stress levels, exposure to toxins, illnesses and trauma all influence your genes and how they behave. Interestingly your ancestors’ trauma and exposure to toxins also contribute to how your genes express themselves.

Epigenetics is about your genes and their adaptability, flexibility, their interaction with environment and your lifestyle!

Which means that lifestyle is the domain where transformation takes place and we ultimately have have control over our genes!

Genes switch on or off depending on what markers are around the DNA

Genes switch on or off depending on what markers are around the DNA

In brief…….environmental factors create markers around the DNA and switch disease on or off!

We now have the tools to remove markers that create disease with BodyTalk to create radical well-being.

Clearing Epigenetic Markers!

You can transform disease by removing epigenetic markers with BodyTalk

You can transform disease by removing epigenetic markers with BodyTalk

BodyTalk is Mind Body Medicine.

Using profound techniques we can now find out if a disorder or symptom you have is Epigenetic.

We can pin point which tissue holds the Epigenetic markers, whether you have acquired them from your own life or if they are inherited. If they are inherited then we can find the ancestor and clear the story or toxicity that created the markers. If they are acquired markers from your own life, we have tools to clear these too!

We live in a toxic world and so we now can facilitate your body to detox safely by optimising the detox pathways in the liver and through the other organs in the body.

We have the tools in BodyTalk to transform your health to radical well-being!

Radical Well-being

Are you ready for Radical Wellbeing?

Are you ready for Radical Wellbeing?

Using BodyTalk, we have a very powerful way to work with Epigenetic disorders.

It is deep and profound work and clears persistent symptoms that often seem ‘stuck.’

This is where science meets Mind Body Medicine!

Are you ready for Radical Well-being?

Contact Jotipal Kaur for a free telephone consultation.

Book a BodyTalk session today: 07774553227

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The Rise of Autoimmune and Inflammatory Disease in Modern Society

human microbiome prohThe rise of autoimmune and inflammatory disease in modern society is increasing at an exponential rate. I was priviledged to attend an incredible training with microbiologist and BodyTalk instructor Laura Stuve PHD on Body Ecology.

She was one of the leading scientists in the Human Genome Project and is now involved with the research of mapping and understanding the Microbiomes of the body and how they impact immune health.

This is cutting edge stuff and will probably not filter down to doctors for another 10 years!

This new information has really blown me away and changed the way I work with clients.  I am integrating and using this information in my BodyTalk sessions to help with digestive disorders, mental health issues and autoimmune and inflammatory disease in the body. It is totally amazing!

What is a Microbiome?

friends you didn't know you had!

friends you didn’t know you had!

A microbiome is the home to trillions of microbes who form a symbiotic relationship with the cells of our own body and provide training and education for our immune cells to respond accordingly to our environment.


A new paradigm of health!

Rather than the old paradigm of the germ theory of Louis Pasteur where it was thought that we have protect ourselves from invasionary pathogens, what is now understood is that our immune system is made up of bacteria, viruses, fungi and other microbes that SUPPORT our immunity. Did you just that??

More of the genes in the body are made up of the genetic material from microbes than our own DNA! As humans we have 22,000 genes in our body where as our microbiomes make up 8 million genes collectively! Our own health is directly linked the health of these microbiomes! We need them to be healthy!!

We are a super organism!

good and bad bacteria in stomach in cartoon

good and bad bacteria in stomach in cartoon

In effect, the human body is like a super organism! We have more microbes than we do cells or genes and these microbes are very necessary to how the immune cells work and manage the small number of pathogens that we come in contact with.


Mostly pathogens occur within the body due to the friendly microbes becoming pathogenic and these are often related to our emotional state, such as candida albicans. This lives in the gut and only becomes a problem when it becomes over zealous. In BodyTalk we are looking at the reasons why it becomes pathogenic and often there are belief systems about ourselves and the world that effect the way in which the microbes and cells of the body behave such as ‘I am unworthy’ or ‘I am dirty.’ When you clear the consciousness that is influencing the allergies or immune cells and get to the root of the problem and then the problem disappears!

How healthy is your microbiome?

most microbes in the body support the immune system

most microbes in the body support the immune system

With the over use of antibiotics, reduction of breast feeding and higher rate of C section babies (breast feeding and natural birth provides the baby with the microbes needed to build their immune system from the colostrum and the microbes in the vaginal canal of the mother) we are seeing a decline in the health of our microbiomes.


This is giving rise to allergies and autoimmune and inflammatory disease. The microbiome is there to communicate and give training to the immune cells so that they don’t over react. When they don’t receive the training due to the over use of antibacterial cleaning products, soaps, antibiotics etc we are in effect killing the microbes that actually provide us with immune support.

How healthy is your microbiome?

friendly bacteria to support your microbiome and immune system

friendly bacteria

The health of your microbiome, that is the microbes in the borders of your gut, genitals, skin, mouth, armpits and eyes and ears all have an impact on the health of your immune system.


If you were breast fed, had a natural birth, grew up with pets and with brothers and sisters as well as not washing so often as a child, you are more likely to have a stronger immune system because of the contact with all those microbes that are needed to train the immune system.

Unfortunately most of us have had antibiotics, many of us taking them many times over our life time. With the rise in the use of antibiotics and these now present in our water and food chain, all of us are likely to have depleted microbiomes. Although probiotics have been scientifically proven to improve a person’s response to certain dis-eases, they only contain about 8 strains of mutually beneficial bacteria and are a far cry from the trillions that we need to have healthy microbiomes!

Autoimmune and inflammatory disease

Neuro-endocrine cells in the body have a direct relationship with our mental and emotional wellbeing

Neuro-endocrine cells in the body have a direct relationship with our mental and emotional well being

It was once thought that we had to protect ourselves from germs that came we came into contact with however scientists are now discovering that the actual medicines we thought were protecting us, such as antibiotics are in fact causing huge problems with depleting the microbiomes of the body, especially the gut.




This is causing major problems with the immune system so we begin to see the rise of autoimmune and inflammatory disease and allergic responses to environmental factors. It is now also known that mental health issues such as anxiety and depression can be linked to the health of the gut because we have neuro-endocrine cells in the gut that control certain neurotransmitters such as dopamine and seratonin which affect the way we feel. So gut health is a big part of our mental and emotional wellbeing.

How can BodyTalk help?

the drama's in our lives are reflected in the cells of the body

the drama’s in our lives are reflected in the cells of the body

I very excited to be integrating these tools into my sessions with clients. BodyTalk  addresses the underlying consciousness that creates the dis-ease in the first place. Although we are looking at the cells and microbes and their relationship to each other we also need to understand the relationship the client has with the rest of the outside world.



Our immune cells play out the drama’s in our lives. How one responds to the world, has a direct correlation to the way that one responds at a cellular level. We really cannot separate out the two as both Bruce Lipton in his work ‘The Biology of Belief’ and Candice Pert discovered in her book ‘Molecules of Emotion.’


your mind is in constant communication with every cell in the bodyDo you have severe allergies?

Do you suffer with inflammatory or auto immune dis-eases?

Is it time to find out what is happening at a cellular level in your body?



Come and have a tailor made BodyTalk session specific to your health issues.


Send Jotipal Kaur a private message.

Book a free telephone consulation today!

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‘Honor thy Symbionts’ by JD Leach, ‘The Wild Life of our Bodies, Predators, Parasites and Partners That Shape Who We Are Today’ by RR Dunn, ‘An Epidemic of Absence: A new way of understanding Allergies and Autoimmune Disease’ by M Valasquez Manoff.

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BodyTalk- Healing Relationships

Healing Relationships with BodyTalk

Heal the dynamics within relationships so there can be harmony

Healing relationships comes up regularly with clients in BodyTalk. It is also something that is very helpful between myself and my daughter when things get charged or difficult but it is also very helpful within other family dynamics, intimate relationships, within businesses, or other professional relationships.

Where ever relationships become difficult then a BodyTalk session on that relationship or countless relationships such as within an organisation can be very helpful to clear the energy.  Witth BodyTalk we can clear negativity, stuck energy, emotions or belief systems that inhibit our ability to relate well.

THE relationship

We all have our own baggage that we bring to relationships. There is you, there is the other and there is the relationship, whether that be the relationship to your cat, your husband, your child or your business. So already there becomes another entity that has its own energy dynamic when two or more people or ‘things’ form a relationship.

Now this relationship can get stuck. It can energetically get caught up with all manner of projections and emotional garbage that we carry. Indeed children often play out the drama’s of the parents. In psychotherapy this is a known phenomena called mirroring. In BodyTalk this is called a ‘matrix’.

Attachments and Control

holding onWe create matrices all the time because of our attachment to a particular things, or an attachment to someone doing or behaving in a particular way. So a mother could be feeling very angry however it is the child that plays the anger out.

In BodyTalk this is a tangible energy. We call it a invasive matrix and this matrix has a consciousness of its own: it takes over the energy of the other. The energy of the mother is thrown subconsciously to the child which subsequently plays out the energy of this matrix.

This frequently happens between partners, between parents and their children and between owners and their pets! Often the health issues of pets is linked to the health of their owner!

Now there are also matrices that we create within ourselves such as an attachment to a particular role or job. That attachment can become so strong that when someone loses that job that energy is internalised: causing this matrix to take over part of the body.

We know about this phenomenon when someone retires and then dies very quickly. The energy of a matrix that has taken over the energy of that person. It is therefore important to deal with matrices and we can safely remove them with BodyTalk.

How to heal family relationships with BodyTalk?

family2When a client comes to me I always ask the body what the agenda is. It may be that the client is the surrogate for the whole family dynamic whereby we do a whole session on the client for the whole family energy.

Alternatively we may need to heal the relationship between certain people in the family unit. Clearing away emotional debris or attachments that are not healthy. We may also have to look the ancestral line and what is the influence coming through this.

Healing the family matrix is fascinating because it opens up a wider field.

We are considering many different facets of the matrix. The health of the matrix is also dependent on the health of the matrix holders. The mother and father in a family or two people in an organisation that holds that energy. When this is disrupted the health of its members are also effected. Perhaps a child holds the maternal matrix instead of the mother or may be the mother holds both the maternal and paternal energies. What ever the disruption may be, we can help to heal this with BodyTalk.

Heal Your Relationships with BodyTalk. Book Today

Call for a free telephone consultation on 07774 553 227

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Healing Trauma With BodyTalk

healing handsHealing Trauma with BodyTalk is profound and effective. I have seen a great many people come to me for BodyTalk sessions that have physical symptoms that are related to trauma. Some have back pain, for others it may be anxiety or phobias, food allergies or digestive problems. What seems to be underlying is the emotional charge of specific events that have caused trauma to get stuck in the body. This is not a new phenomena. Peter Lavine came across this in his clinic in the 1960s and developed a way of accessing these memories through the body. I love this way of working and this is what we also do in BodyTalk.

The body holds the key for healing

heart shaped waterThe body holds all the wisdom it needs to heal itself. It is also a large filing system holding all our unprocessed active memories and events. The ideal outcome of a traumatic experience is that we process it through the body.

What the body does with trauma

This tends to happen a lot in animals where they shake out the trauma and then resume their natural homoeostasis as it nothing has happened. In our society, we tend to stop the body’s reactions to trauma such as shaking and divert our attention or suppress the emotional charge. This emotional charge will reside in the body and over weeks, months and years this manifests in a myriad of different health issues.

How BodyTalk can help

treeIn BodyTalk we can work gently and efficiently with trauma. We are always asking the body what the priority is and using bio-muscular feedback to ask the BodyMind where we need to go next.

Together we may have to go back to a specific event and then link this to a certain part of the body that is holding the trauma. We may have to do an emotional release of an emotion held in an organ, endocrine of body part. We may have to go back to foetal life and release something taken on from the mother or addressing ancestral memories that influence our every day functioning. Alongside this,  we also use EMDR techniques to release trauma. There are many layers to trauma and we use the body’s innate wisdom to guide us to what we unravel next. In BodyTalk we are bypassing the conscious mind that thinks it knows all the answers and connecting to the subconscious mind held in the body to release it so healing can take place. I hold a loving and supportive space for you, so you can let go.

Are you ready?

surrenderWith BodyTalk we can go as deep as you want to go. If you are ready, you can move through very profound experiences or we can take it gently and slowly. Your body knows what to do to heal itself. Are you ready?


Contact Jotipal Kaur for more information and a free telephone consultation.

‘I have experienced talking therapy and BodyTalk as well as many other types of therapies to heal my trauma. I have found BodyTalk to be a very effective method in releasing chronic pain linked to my own childhood trauma. My self image has shifted as well as my body shape and pain levels.’

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How to manage a Kundalini Awakening

How to manage a Kundalini Awakening


Over the years I have been approached by a number of people who are going through the Kundalini awakening.

This is not something that we can stop howkundalini awakeningever there are many things that one can do to help calm the process. Kundalini does not produce disease however it can create disturbances of the nervous system and body function which in the bigger picture is a huge healing process.

I am trained as a Kundalini Yoga teacher and BodyTalk practitioner and have covered some training to help people deal with Kundalini awakening. BodyTalk is a fantastic modality which can support people through the process using certain acupuncture points on the body to help calm the flow. Also the kundalini energy can weaken the body and bring about a diminished resistance to disease. This can cause genetic predispositions of disease to occur which can also be addressed during a bodyTalk session.

Here are some useful hints and tips:

  • Begin tapping out your cortices. (See embedded video for a guide!) This is excellent at calming the mind which can become highly agitated when kundalini ‘hits’ it. It is best if you can get a friend to do this for you.

  • Having a shower or bath can be extremely helpful or even swimming in the ocean is even better!


  • Salt has a very stabilising effect on the Kundalini. The crystalline structure of salt resonates with crystalline structure of on intrinsic muscles around the spinal column. Put salt in your bath.


  • Always have something in your stomach. Only a small amount will do and take every 30 mins. The body will be very specific to what food needs to be taken. Some people find bread and milk helpful. As the kundalini energy is very powerful, you need to be consuming regular carbohydrates. You may forget to eat, so set an alarm. Dairy has been shown to have a stabilizing effect on the kundalini.


  • You need to earth your body so walking on bear foot is excellent and eating foods that grow in the ground such as potatoes and carrots.


  • If agitated, lie down supine with knees bent on a hard surface, preferably on tiles and not carpet. This can be immediately calming.
    Also lying on the ground outside can be very grounding of course however if you are going through a very hard time tiles may be more effective than being outside! The spine seems to be calmed by the coolness and hardness. With the knees bent, arms out to the sides, place the tongue flat up against the entire roof of the mouth (this links to the sushumna, hypothalamus and stabalizes the endocrine system regulates temperature). Focus on the perineum-the muscles between the anus and genitals and ensure that it is relaxed. You can try and push the perineum down to relax it further.


  • Bending the knees can be helpful as when the legs are straight the Kundalini flows much stronger.


  • Let your intuition be your guide. The kundalini process and intuition are one and the same. Kundalini is your natural life force energy, its very natural, spontaneous, intuitive and creative. Understand the principle of your intuition as it is literally taking over when your kundalini awakens. This does not mean that the ego will try and go against what is intuited but the censoring mind is no match for the kundalini as she works tirelessly to break down the mind and its addiction to censoring.


kundalini awakening 2BodyTalk is fantastic at supporting people going through a Kundalini awakening. Let me help and support you by booking a session with me today either through Skype or face to face.

Contacting Jotipal

I am always available by email.
Or visit my shop today.


Here are some useful websites:

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Overcoming Trauma

corn prosperityOvercoming trauma is no easy task. BodyTalk and Kundalini Yoga has provided me with the strength, courage, resilience and returned me back to health after living in turbulence for such a long time.

It has been 4 months now since my mother died. We lived with this possiblity for a year as she tried to cure it. I don’t believe that I would have been able to navigate through these difficult times without the resources both BodyTalk and Kundalini Yoga has provided me. This last year has been a long haul and it is not over yet as my father is now ill.

The story…

letting go dandelionIt was traumatic and a shock to loose my mama so quickly. She had been declining and the hospital had given her 3 months so we’d been making plans to go on holiday and make the most of the time she had left. The last time I saw her when she was compesmetus was a week before she died. She was in a desperate state and did not want to die and was finding it hard to breathe because the tumour had rapidly spread through her lungs and was pressing on her heart. She couldn’t lie down, she was breathless and scared.

I made the joint decision with my mum that I would to go to my yoga training in France that following week. The pull to go was so strong because I knew I could do so much more for her there. I could chant, pray and be in group consciousness to send her healing. Every breath, every moment I prayed and chanted for her. On the Friday I got a phone call from my sister to say that my mum had stopped drinking, eating and speaking. And I flew back to the UK as quickly as I could.

Soul Talk

prosperity codeI did a soul talk with her. I energetically tuned into her and asked her to wait for me to get there. I do feel that she answered me with ‘of course!’ I arrived the following day at 4pm in the afternoon. She was a shadow of her former self. She was barely alive; her essence long gone. We made an all night vigil and chanted mantra for her while she desperately shifted from side to side and tried to breathe. That night I thought she would die, but by morning she was still with us.

How BodyTalk can help overcoming trauma

balanceI contacted another bodytalker to do a session for her. She was so scared to die. She was so scared to leave her family and the BodyTalk session helped her to let go. Her ‘primary matrix’ was severed which is basically the mask we need to live. We only ever severe the matrix if it comes up as priority and if the person is dying. She did the session in the morning and by 3pm that day (when the lung meridian is at its lowest ebb) my mama took her last breath. It was a relief for her to finally be free. I felt her around us so strongly just after she passed. It was however a double edged sword being with her. I was so relived she was out of her suffering. But I had just watched by mother die and felt so totally overwhelmed by shock, grief and the trauma of it all…..

That afternoon, I started feeling very unwell. I was shaking, aching and my chest was so tight I could hardly breathe myself. I took myself off to bed and was totally bereft and not knowing what to do with myself. I booked myself in for a BodyTalk session. The lungs are associated with grief and she cleared the shock, the trauma of seeing my mum in such a state, she opened up the lung points, helped me to release the terrible grief that I felt. Within in 3 days, the symptoms had completely cleared. I was able to breathe again and the deep, deep grief was gone. I felt like I was able to manage much much better. I was overcoming trauma with BodyTalk.

I stayed with family for a week and then headed home. I noticed I was slipping into a terrible depression and life did not feel worth living. I just wanted to lie down and die myself. I took myself off to Cornwall, my beautiful soul home, for a few days. Despite being surrounded by such magnificence, this deep depression captured my whole being. It was then that I booked myself in for another bodytak session and I was quite amazed at what came up. There was an active memory of being in the holocaust that was held in the right atrium of my heart that was triggered by my mother’s death. In Bodytalk we don’t talk about past lives, we talk about the resonance and the charge of a particular event that becomes stored in the body. This charge can cause all sorts of symptoms particularly when triggered by something traumatic. Once this was cleared, the depression completely lifted. I was so amazed! I love BodyTalk!

The power of Kundalini Yoga

energy2The other thing that I had been doing for some weeks was ‘The Last Resort Meditation.’ This was a meditation given my Yogi Bhajan for these difficult and turbulent times and it brings relaxation, strength and mental clarity. It is for when life doesn’t work for you, no matter how depressed you may be, by doing this meditation for 11 minutes a day for 40 days gives you the art to think right, act right, see right, look right, imagine and everything else will follow and wipes out a lot of negativity. I had been chanting and doing this for weeks. I felt supported by something deeply within me. I had the courage to face what was coming despite being so scared. I continue to have a practice every day because I know it helps me navigate through life with Grace.

The Kali Yuga

torusThe Kali Yuga is the era we now live. It was predicted hundreds of years ago where we are furthest from that sense of union with the higher self, the sense of separation is immense and there is no light outside of us. During these times we have to foster our inner light and a spiritual fitness of get us through. Both Bodytalk and Kundalini Yoga continue to be such important resources for me at this time. There are so many meditations and kriya’s that can support us as well as the yogic community. Bodytalk is also such a gift because it acts quickly and is able to get to the bottom of symptoms. It is so wonderful in clearing trauma, emotional blockages, physical pain and discomfort and restoring the body back to health and balance.

Hear From a Kundalini Class member:

I have been attending Kat’s Kundalini Yoga classes for over 6 months and have had several BodyTalk sessions with her. She is sensitive, empathetic and experienced, and has a good understanding of this new and integrative healing modality which pulls together the Eastern understanding of Prana and Chi, acupuncture and meridians, with up to date biological science – while crossing over fields such as genetics and engineering. The Kriyas in Jotipal’s Kundalini classes are well paced and thought out (and soundtracked!). Jotipal is a confident and strong teacher of this spiritual discipline. I recommend attending a whole season of her classes as they follow a theme, as I believe Jotipal is able to tune into the current alignments and dynamic fluxes in energy.’ TM Frome

Would you like to get to the bottom of your health issues? Release your blocks with relationships, money, or work? Come and book a session today.


Try Kundalini Yoga. It is powerful and transformative and WILL create positive change in your life. Come to a class today; Evening classes or women’s class.


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When my mother got Cancer…..

When my mother got Cancer…..

candleMy mother was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer a year ago. This has been a challenging time for our whole family and we still don’t  know what the outcome will be. It has been a deep emotional journey for me and in many ways it has been a blessings because it has pushed me deeper into my Kundalini yoga practice to find the strength, clarity and inner resources that I have needed at this time. I honestly don’t know how I would have managed this year without it.

Initially when I found out my mother had cancer, I went into a deep state of terror. My father was also declining and I had had a difficult 6 months with a sick child.  It stirred up many feelings of desperation; wanting my mother to come to me and her not being there. I had often experienced that sense of falling that comes from needing to be emotionally held as a child and not getting it.

This particular day, I had the foresight and awareness to ask myself why I was getting angry and frustrated with little things in my life. When I gave myself the space to breathe deeply into those feelings I began to shake and cry and realised that the anger was the cover for the desperation I had felt when I was a small child. I had gained an important insight that day. Breathing deeply into the body is something that I teach in my Kundalini Yoga classes and in my Bodytalk sessions with clients. It is a very powerful tool.

Introducing Kundalini Yoga to my Life

butterflyIt has been my daily practice of Kundalini Yoga that has held me up this past year. I have been amazed at my capacity to remain grounded through the turbulence. I have experienced a deep resource from within. With both parents ill, the prospect of loosing both my parents shook me to the core. All the security I had known was falling away and there was nothing on the outside to grab hold of. With questions marks over my living situation, my daughter’s health and my parents health I could have experienced an inner collapse. Indeed at the beginning of the year, I had felt like I was heading for a breakdown.

However things began to change when I started my level two teacher training in Kundalini yoga in 2014. A shift began to happen within myself, where I began to feel supported and held by life despite the difficult circumstances.

woman prayingI have found this strength, resilience, grace and trust in the process through Kundalini Yoga. I can honestly say that I would not have been able to move through this year in the same way without my daily practice. It has held me up. It has enabled me to move from a place of terror to a trust and surrender in the process of life and death. Kundalini Yoga has allowed me to experience what it is to be a servant of the soul and when we are listening, deeply listening, the answers are always within. What I know for sure is that there is not really death.

There is only infinity and I experienced that deeply within myself during my practice many times.

Spirituality in Kundalini Yoga

People talk about God. I know that God resides in us as a state of being where there is no separation, only Oneness. This may sound a bit ‘new agey’. It is hard to put into words an experience which is unlimited. This sense of Oneness is a blissful state. It has helped me accept the current situation and to experience life beyond the black and white of every day living and see the blessing in every situation. I has helped me let go.

We are all exceptional beings and we can all experience this sense of oneness and guidance from the soul. There are many paths to finding this place. However if you are a little bit curious, I invite you to know more about Kundalini yoga. It has changed me deeply from a fearful person to radiant person. It has allowed me to carve out my inner light and shine despite all that is happening in my world. You can shine too. You too have the capacity to live a happy and healthy life no matter what life throws at you. You have to start with the first step; commitment. As Yogi Bhajan says ‘Keep up and you will be kept up.’

Are you ready to shine?

  • Jotipal Kaur is teaching a number of workshop in Frome and Salisbury.
  • The Lunar Woman, Kundalini yoga for women to find their power starts again: 30th April
  • Kundalini Yoga and Gong; releasing toxicity and lymph of the breasts: 11th April 2-5pm
  • Kundalini Yoga and Raw Food lunch; releasing fear and anger: 2nd May 10am-2pm
  • Kundalini Yoga and Raw cakes; finding our Joy! 6th June 2-5pm.

please contact Jotipal Kaur for booking here.


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