Healing from V@x Side Effects

The Story of Jenny

Jenny and I had worked together for some time, helping her recover from chemotherapy after breast cancer. We had been focusing on detoxing from the chemo drugs, helping the liver to recover and clearing the fear and the memories of her illness. She had some ill effects after the pneumonia v@x which we worked to solve. When I work with people with cancer, there are two things I notice, stuck trauma and toxins. A lot of the sessions were about clearing the trauma held at a cellular level and clearing memories from childhood and ancestral memories that she was holding.  She was doing really well and her energy and vitality had improved. Then the fear and the insecurity from the recent pandemic influenced her, she was worried about long COVID and felt vulnerable. She decided to have the v@x. Jenny knew how powerful the BodyTalk session had been in the past so she scheduled some additional time to help her body adapt to the intervention. 

Old Symptoms Arising

Unfortunately, some of her old symptoms from previous health issues started to surface after getting the v@x. She felt considerable fatigue, aching joints and headaches. She noticed that her one good eye was blurred and unable to focus and something strange was happening with her hearing. I remember her telling me that her brain felt dislodged from her head. She felt under par and not well. She felt old and out of sync with her ‘good self’. 

The Power of BodyTalk

This is where the power of BodyTalk comes in. In our sessions we identified that there was swelling in her brain, and both the neurons and the cells that nourish the neural connections had been affected. We also had to work on opening the cells up to receive the nourishment so they could function properly and to receive more light. The more light the body holds, the more health and vitality is available to the body. During our sessions, we worked to reestablish the natural healing ability of the body and bring back a state of homeostasis and health.

Here is what she said:

‘I have been working with Jotipal for some time now, she has helped me greatly in recovering from chemotherapy. I decided to have the Covid v@x due to age and previous health problems, also it was hard to ignore the fear that had been generated around the virus. I realised that there would be repercussions from its effects and there were, particularly after the second jab. My energy plummeted and I had trouble focussing and dealing with pain in my eyes. Fortunately Jotipal was there to help re-balance my body, the effects of the chemicals had considerably disturbed my nervous system. I’m so grateful to have her expertise to guide me back to good health and instruct me on the sensitivity of my body and the respect that is due to it.’

Since working together, Jenny’s fatigue has subsided, her eyesight has improved, her vitality has returned and she no longer is suffering aches, pains or headaches. She feels alive again, energised and healthy. She has a spring in her step and a healthy glow. It is possible to recover from v@x injury or side effects.

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Distance Healing. How Does it Work?

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is Physics’ Albert Einstein


I want to dispel some of the limiting beliefs people have about distance healing because some of the most amazing sessions I have given as a practitioner and received as a client have been at a distance.

Quantum Physics and Zero Point Field

In order to understand distance healing, you need to understand a little bit about quantum physics. Scientists in the 1920s discovered the Zero Point Field. It describes a space in which molecules have stopped moving and yet where there is still a vibration. So everything is vibration including empty space. And all these vibrations are connected, permeating every part of the Universe which means we are all connected! Just as a stone creates ripples when thrown into water, so too does your vibration to the energy in the Quantum Field. A rock, for example, has dense energy and lower temperature and therefore its vibration will be slower than a flower or a crystal. Higher vibrational or subtle energies will vibrate at a faster rate as their temperature is higher.

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Therapeutic Touch

Therapeutic Touch is the key to unraveling our identification with our ego.  Our conditioning is so strong that we believe our thoughts and our feelings define us and yet they come and go and are therefore transient. Therapeutic Touch is based on the teachings of Mooji and is also based on the teaching of Kundalini Yoga.

Thoughts and feelings only have a hold over us when we identify with them so strongly, when we are unable to process them effectively and end up holding onto them which then creates more of the same and so the vicious cycle goes on and on. 

We can spend our whole life in this pattern, creating misery within ourselves and stored emotions that then have a detrimental affect on our physical and mental well-being. So, how to come out of this suffering?
Therapeutic touch is the process of self inquiry. 

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The Numerology of 2018 by Felicia Bendetz

2018 = 2 + 0 + 1 + 8 = 11 Year of Mastery

The Numerology of 2018 points to 11 which is the Master number. Then reduce again: 1 + 1 = 2 Some numerologists never reduce the Master numbers and so this would be an 11 Universal Year.

A constant Push Pull

The Numerology of 2018 points to The Master numbers which brings an undeniable intensity and a higher spiritual purpose. The Master numbers carry a higher frequency and vibratory influence. Energetically speaking, they’re always pushing you. In practical terms, in the year 2018, the energy supporting and guiding all of us is rather intense. This means that we’re going to feel high-strung mixed with a certain level of anxiety. We are going to feel a constant push and pull to be more and do better, often to the point of distraction. You might also notice that you have higher expectations for yourself, even when others can’t see that those feelings are going on inside of you. Everyone will be getting the internal call to step it up this year.

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The Healing Power of the Breath

How deep do you breathe? Your breath tells your story!

Just look at children and how they radiate such Joy. They breathe deeply, are present, fully connected to themselves and what they are feeling.

They are spontaneous, free and full of abundant joy.

So what happened to us?

  • Time is ‘speeding up’, there is just ‘not enough time’
  • We live life from the limiting beliefs of the subconscious mind.
  • We are stressed out trying to control our ‘reality’
  • The Lack Mentality….’not enough money’ ‘not enough work’ ‘not enough time’
  • We are ill or dis-eased, do not sleep properly and we cannot fully embrace the joy of being alive.
  • We have lost connection to our bodies and our body wisdom and forgotten how to BREATHE!

“Your Body is your Subconscious Mind.” – Candice Pert

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Epigenetics-You Are Not A Prisoner Of Your Genes!

The Power of Epigenetics with BodyTalk!

The most exciting news of all is that the conversation between body, mind and genes can be transformed. This transformation goes far beyond prevention, even beyond wellness to a state called radical well-being.’ Deepak Chopra MD and Rudolph Tanzi PHD

Have you ever made this statement?

‘And it was never the same after that….’

Perhaps your symptoms became increasingly worse after a specific event or illness?


Your symptoms do not seem to improve despite having previous BodyTalk or other healing modalities?


This means that your genes have gone into epigenetic lock down due to some environmental circumstance and this has created markers around the DNA to influence how that gene responds. You may have released the emotional charge around the event or the toxicity but still the markers remain. It is like an Epigenetic lock. The good news is that we now have the key…..

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The Rise of Autoimmune and Inflammatory Disease in Modern Society

The rise of autoimmune and inflammatory disease in modern society is increasing at an exponential rate. I was priviledged to attend an incredible training with microbiologist and BodyTalk instructor Laura Stuve PHD on Body Ecology.

She was one of the leading scientists in the Human Genome Project and is now involved with the research of mapping and understanding the Microbiomes of the body and how they impact immune health.

This is cutting edge stuff and will probably not filter down to doctors for another 10 years!

This new information has really blown me away and changed the way I work with clients.  I am integrating and using this information in my BodyTalk sessions to help with digestive disorders, mental health issues and autoimmune and inflammatory disease in the body. It is totally amazing!

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BodyTalk- Healing Relationships

Heal the dynamics within relationships so there can be harmony

Healing relationships comes up regularly with clients in BodyTalk. It is also something that is very helpful between myself and my daughter when things get charged or difficult but it is also very helpful within other family dynamics, intimate relationships, within businesses, or other professional relationships.

Healing Relationships with BodyTalk

Where ever relationships become difficult then a BodyTalk session on that relationship or countless relationships such as within an organisation can be very helpful to clear the energy.  Witth BodyTalk we can clear negativity, stuck energy, emotions or belief systems that inhibit our ability to relate well.

THE relationship

We all have our own baggage that we bring to relationships. There is you, there is the other and there is the relationship, whether that be the relationship to your cat, your husband, your child or your business. So already there becomes another entity that has its own energy dynamic when two or more people or ‘things’ form a relationship.

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Healing Trauma With BodyTalk

Healing Trauma with BodyTalk is profound and effective. I have seen a great many people come to me for BodyTalk sessions that have physical symptoms that are related to trauma. Some have back pain, for others it may be anxiety or phobias, food allergies or digestive problems. What seems to be underlying is the emotional charge of specific events that have caused trauma to get stuck in the body. This is not a new phenomena. Peter Lavine came across this in his clinic in the 1960s and developed a way of accessing these memories through the body. I love this way of working and this is what we also do in BodyTalk.

The body holds the key for healing

The body holds all the wisdom it needs to heal itself. It is also a large filing system holding all our unprocessed active memories and events. The ideal outcome of a traumatic experience is that we process it through the body.

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How to manage a Kundalini Awakening


Over the years I have been approached by a number of people who are going through the Kundalini awakening.

This is not something that we can stop however there are many things that one can do to help calm the process. Kundalini does not produce disease however it can create disturbances of the nervous system and body function which in the bigger picture is a huge healing process.

I am trained as a Kundalini Yoga teacher and BodyTalk practitioner and have covered some training to help people deal with Kundalini awakening. BodyTalk is a fantastic modality which can support people through the process using certain acupuncture points on the body to help calm the flow. Also the kundalini energy can weaken the body and bring about a diminished resistance to disease. This can cause genetic predispositions of disease to occur which can also be addressed during a bodyTalk session.

Here are some useful hints and tips:

  • Begin tapping out your cortices. (See embedded video for a guide!) This is excellent at calming the mind which can become highly agitated when kundalini ‘hits’ it. It is best if you can get a friend to do this for you.

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