How to cope in difficult times?

Well I have to say that I have had a very difficult and unsettling 6 months and it is not over yet!

When people say that all things come at once, it has certainly been that way for me.

My daughter had glandular fever and repeated ear infections since October 2013 and I was waking 2-5 times every night for months. As you can imagine, this really started to take its toll on my own health.

Also, for 3 months, we were unsure as to whether we would have to move out from our home, which was very unsettling.

My father also retired last year and a few months into his retirement, he started to decline after a fall and he needed 24 hour care. My mother became his carer. This really took its toll on her and then early this year my mother was diagnosed with cancer. Can life get any more challenging?!

The trouble is that we are living in The Aquarian Age and Yogi Bhajan described this era as having unique challenges such as viral epidemics, and psychological and spiritual ailments with depression and fatigue being at epidemic proportions. Time is faster and there is more pressure on everyone, stress is now one of the top reasons that people seek a doctor. (Annals of Internal Medicine)

So how are we to survive these times?

One way that I have sough solace is through my Kundalini Yoga practice. This has given me so much inner strength and resources to deal with the situations that have arisen in my life. I have the enduring support of my own yoga teacher in times of real difficulty and the practical application of Kundalini yoga to support my physical, emotional and spiritual well being. Of course at times of real fatigue, I was only doing a meditation and yet this in itself was an important aspect of self care.

Kundalini Yoga provides practical support to create an internal caliber to effectively deal with the day to day events in life without getting knocked over. Indeed Kundalini Yoga has been described as yoga for the householder and is the foundation for a happy and healthy life. We have moved away from the Piscean Age of secrets and hierarchy and we are now experiencing the transparency of the Aquarian Age. As we have already seen in the news, the silt is coming to the surface and the real truth is being exposed in relation to economics, ecology and world politics. We no longer can trust what is on the outside nor gain our security from the material world or intellectual information. What we need to harness is our own inner wisdom.

So what can we do to help ourselves? Having a regular practice to support ourselves is the key to living a healthy and happy life in this era. If you have children, you will also give your children a real gift if you adopt a daily practice or sadhana. In Kundalini Yoga our sadhana is the corner stone that holds up the rest of our life.

 Yogi Bhajan said that the first step to happiness it commitment. Even if we commit to doing a 3 minutes of meditation each day or chant a mantra whilst we cook or clean, we will be elevating ourselves and giving ourselves a chance to overcome our obstacles with grace and helping those around us; like a ripple on a pond. A friend said to me the other day, all we have to be is the stone to create the ripples. Having a regular sadhana creates being in relation to doing and it does have a ripple effect so all those around you will get the benefit too. And yes, you can have a happy and healthy life!

keep-calm-by-enjoying-kundalini-yoga-2Do you feel inspired?

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1 thought on “How to cope in difficult times?”

  1. So sorry to hear your news. I wish I had been around more but I’ve been having seriously ill friends since I went to look after my terminal lady in SA; and now my health is being wobbly. But hang in there, as they often say; it cant get worse so it has to get better!
    BTW re recurrant ear infections; something Vaish told me about works instantly. You peel a clove of garlic, place it half in the outer ear hole, (works well while watch TV/distraction) I do it when i go to bed. the garlic is a blotter for infection. Earache vanishes within few hours.
    Hope Annya is soon recovered. tell her I have adopted 2 dolls with long blond hair which she is welcome to play with when next you need a babysitter in a hurry.
    love to you both. T

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