Overcoming Trauma

Overcoming trauma is no easy task. BodyTalk and Kundalini Yoga has provided me with the strength, courage, resilience and returned me back to health after living in turbulence for such a long time.

It has been 4 months now since my mother died. We lived with this possiblity for a year as she tried to cure it. I don’t believe that I would have been able to navigate through these difficult times without the resources both BodyTalk and Kundalini Yoga has provided me. This last year has been a long haul and it is not over yet as my father is now ill.

The story…

It was traumatic and a shock to loose my mama so quickly. She had been declining and the hospital had given her 3 months so we’d been making plans to go on holiday and make the most of the time she had left. The last time I saw her when she was compesmetus was a week before she died. She was in a desperate state and did not want to die and was finding it hard to breathe because the tumour had rapidly spread through her lungs and was pressing on her heart. She couldn’t lie down, she was breathless and scared.

I made the joint decision with my mum that I would to go to my yoga training in France that following week. The pull to go was so strong because I knew I could do so much more for her there. I could chant, pray and be in group consciousness to send her healing. Every breath, every moment I prayed and chanted for her. On the Friday I got a phone call from my sister to say that my mum had stopped drinking, eating and speaking. And I flew back to the UK as quickly as I could.

Soul Talk

I did a soul talk with her. I energetically tuned into her and asked her to wait for me to get there. I do feel that she answered me with ‘of course!’ I arrived the following day at 4pm in the afternoon. She was a shadow of her former self. She was barely alive; her essence long gone. We made an all night vigil and chanted mantra for her while she desperately shifted from side to side and tried to breathe. That night I thought she would die, but by morning she was still with us.

How BodyTalk can help overcoming trauma

I contacted another bodytalker to do a session for her. She was so scared to die. She was so scared to leave her family and the BodyTalk session helped her to let go. Her ‘primary matrix’ was severed which is basically the mask we need to live. We only ever severe the matrix if it comes up as priority and if the person is dying. She did the session in the morning and by 3pm that day (when the lung meridian is at its lowest ebb) my mama took her last breath. It was a relief for her to finally be free. I felt her around us so strongly just after she passed. It was however a double edged sword being with her. I was so relived she was out of her suffering. But I had just watched by mother die and felt so totally overwhelmed by shock, grief and the trauma of it all…..

That afternoon, I started feeling very unwell. I was shaking, aching and my chest was so tight I could hardly breathe myself. I took myself off to bed and was totally bereft and not knowing what to do with myself. I booked myself in for a BodyTalk session. The lungs are associated with grief and she cleared the shock, the trauma of seeing my mum in such a state, she opened up the lung points, helped me to release the terrible grief that I felt. Within in 3 days, the symptoms had completely cleared. I was able to breathe again and the deep, deep grief was gone. I felt like I was able to manage much much better. I was overcoming trauma with BodyTalk.

I stayed with family for a week and then headed home. I noticed I was slipping into a terrible depression and life did not feel worth living. I just wanted to lie down and die myself. I took myself off to Cornwall, my beautiful soul home, for a few days. Despite being surrounded by such magnificence, this deep depression captured my whole being. It was then that I booked myself in for another bodytak session and I was quite amazed at what came up. There was an active memory of being in the holocaust that was held in the right atrium of my heart that was triggered by my mother’s death. In Bodytalk we don’t talk about past lives, we talk about the resonance and the charge of a particular event that becomes stored in the body. This charge can cause all sorts of symptoms particularly when triggered by something traumatic. Once this was cleared, the depression completely lifted. I was so amazed! I love BodyTalk!

The power of Kundalini Yoga

The other thing that I had been doing for some weeks was ‘The Last Resort Meditation.’ This was a meditation given my Yogi Bhajan for these difficult and turbulent times and it brings relaxation, strength and mental clarity. It is for when life doesn’t work for you, no matter how depressed you may be, by doing this meditation for 11 minutes a day for 40 days gives you the art to think right, act right, see right, look right, imagine and everything else will follow and wipes out a lot of negativity. I had been chanting and doing this for weeks. I felt supported by something deeply within me. I had the courage to face what was coming despite being so scared. I continue to have a practice every day because I know it helps me navigate through life with Grace.

The Kali Yuga

The Kali Yuga is the era we now live. It was predicted hundreds of years ago where we are furthest from that sense of union with the higher self, the sense of separation is immense and there is no light outside of us. During these times we have to foster our inner light and a spiritual fitness of get us through. Both Bodytalk and Kundalini Yoga continue to be such important resources for me at this time. There are so many meditations and kriya’s that can support us as well as the yogic community. Bodytalk is also such a gift because it acts quickly and is able to get to the bottom of symptoms. It is so wonderful in clearing trauma, emotional blockages, physical pain and discomfort and restoring the body back to health and balance.

Hear From a Kundalini Class member:

I have been attending Kat’s Kundalini Yoga classes for over 6 months and have had several BodyTalk sessions with her. She is sensitive, empathetic and experienc

ed, and has a good understanding of this new and integrative healing modality which pulls together the Eastern understanding of Prana and Chi, acupuncture and meridians, with up to date biological science – while crossing over fields such as genetics and engineering. The Kriyas in Jotipal’s Kundalini classes are well paced and thought out (and soundtracked!). Jotipal is a confident and strong teacher of this spiritual discipline. I recommend attending a whole season of her classes as they follow a theme, as I believe Jotipal is able to tune into the current align

ments and dynamic fluxes in energy.’ TM Frome

Would you like to get to the bottom of your health issues? Release your blocks with relationships, money, or work? Come and book a session today.

Try Kundalini Yoga. It is powerful and transformative and WILL create positive change in your life. Come to a class today; Evening classes or women’s class.


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