The Rise of Autoimmune and Inflammatory Disease in Modern Society

The rise of autoimmune and inflammatory disease in modern society is increasing at an exponential rate. I was priviledged to attend an incredible training with microbiologist and BodyTalk instructor Laura Stuve PHD on Body Ecology.

She was one of the leading scientists in the Human Genome Project and is now involved with the research of mapping and understanding the Microbiomes of the body and how they impact immune health.

This is cutting edge stuff and will probably not filter down to doctors for another 10 years!

This new information has really blown me away and changed the way I work with clients.  I am integrating and using this information in my BodyTalk sessions to help with digestive disorders, mental health issues and autoimmune and inflammatory disease in the body. It is totally amazing!

What is a Microbiome?

A microbiome is the home to trillions of microbes who form a symbiotic relationship with the cells of our own body and provide training and education for our immune cells to respond accordingly to our environment.


A new paradigm of health!

Rather than the old paradigm of the germ theory of Louis Pasteur where it was thought that we have protect ourselves from invasionary pathogens, what is now understood is that our immune system is made up of bacteria, viruses, fungi and other microbes that SUPPORT our immunity. Did you just that??

More of the genes in the body are made up of the genetic material from microbes than our own DNA! As humans we have 22,000 genes in our body where as our microbiomes make up 8 million genes collectively! Our own health is directly linked the health of these microbiomes! We need them to be healthy!!

We are a super organism!

In effect, the human body is like a super organism! We have more microbes than we do cells or genes and these microbes are very necessary to how the immune cells work and manage the small number of pathogens that we come in contact with.


Mostly pathogens occur within the body due to the friendly microbes becoming pathogenic and these are often related to our emotional state, such as candida albicans. This lives in the gut and only becomes a problem when it becomes over zealous. In BodyTalk we are looking at the reasons why it becomes pathogenic and often there are belief systems about ourselves and the world that effect the way in which the microbes and cells of the body behave such as ‘I am unworthy’ or ‘I am dirty.’ When you clear the consciousness that is influencing the allergies or immune cells and get to the root of the problem and then the problem disappears!

How healthy is your microbiome?

With the over use of antibiotics, reduction of breast feeding and higher rate of C section babies (breast feeding and natural birth provides the baby with the microbes needed to build their immune system from the colostrum and the microbes in the vaginal canal of the mother) we are seeing a decline in the health of our microbiomes.


This is giving rise to allergies and autoimmune and inflammatory disease. The microbiome is there to communicate and give training to the immune cells so that they don’t over react. When they don’t receive the training due to the over use of antibacterial cleaning products, soaps, antibiotics etc we are in effect killing the microbes that actually provide us with immune support.

How healthy is your microbiome?

The health of your microbiome, that is the microbes in the borders of your gut, genitals, skin, mouth, armpits and eyes and ears all have an impact on the health of your immune system.


If you were breast fed, had a natural birth, grew up with pets and with brothers and sisters as well as not washing so often as a child, you are more likely to have a stronger immune system because of the contact with all those microbes that are needed to train the immune system.

Unfortunately most of us have had antibiotics, many of us taking them many times over our life time. With the rise in the use of antibiotics and these now present in our water and food chain, all of us are likely to have depleted microbiomes. Although probiotics have been scientifically proven to improve a person’s response to certain dis-eases, they only contain about 8 strains of mutually beneficial bacteria and are a far cry from the trillions that we need to have healthy microbiomes!

Autoimmune and inflammatory disease

It was once thought that we had to protect ourselves from germs that came we came into contact with however scientists are now discovering that the actual medicines we thought were protecting us, such as antibiotics are in fact causing huge problems with depleting the microbiomes of the body, especially the gut.

This is causing major problems with the immune system so we begin to see the rise of autoimmune and inflammatory disease and allergic responses to environmental factors. It is now also known that mental health issues such as anxiety and depression can be linked to the health of the gut because we have neuro-endocrine cells in the gut that control certain neurotransmitters such as dopamine and seratonin which affect the way we feel. So gut health is a big part of our mental and emotional wellbeing.

How can BodyTalk help?

I very excited to be integrating these tools into my sessions with clients. BodyTalk  addresses the underlying consciousness that creates the dis-ease in the first place. Although we are looking at the cells and microbes and their relationship to each other we also need to understand the relationship the client has with the rest of the outside world.


Our immune cells play out the drama’s in our lives. How one responds to the world, has a direct correlation to the way that one responds at a cellular level. We really cannot separate out the two as both Bruce Lipton in his work ‘The Biology of Belief’ and Candice Pert discovered in her book ‘Molecules of Emotion.’

Do you have severe allergies?

Do you suffer with inflammatory or auto immune dis-eases?

Is it time to find out what is happening at a cellular level in your body?


Come and have a tailor made BodyTalk session specific to your health issues.


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‘Honor thy Symbionts’ by JD Leach, ‘The Wild Life of our Bodies, Predators, Parasites and Partners That Shape Who We Are Today’ by RR Dunn, ‘An Epidemic of Absence: A new way of understanding Allergies and Autoimmune Disease’ by M Valasquez Manoff.

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