Overcoming Trauma

Overcoming trauma is no easy task. BodyTalk and Kundalini Yoga has provided me with the strength, courage, resilience and returned me back to health after living in turbulence for such a long time.

It has been 4 months now since my mother died. We lived with this possiblity for a year as she tried to cure it. I don’t believe that I would have been able to navigate through these difficult times without the resources both BodyTalk and Kundalini Yoga has provided me. This last year has been a long haul and it is not over yet as my father is now ill.

The story…

It was traumatic and a shock to loose my mama so quickly. She had been declining and the hospital had given her 3 months so we’d been making plans to go on holiday and make the most of the time she had left. The last time I saw her when she was compesmetus was a week before she died. She was in a desperate state and did not want to die and was finding it hard to breathe because the tumour had rapidly spread through her lungs and was pressing on her heart. She couldn’t lie down, she was breathless and scared.

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When my mother got Cancer…..

My mother was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer a year ago. This has been a challenging time for our whole family and we still don’t  know what the outcome will be. It has been a deep emotional journey for me and in many ways it has been a blessings because it has pushed me deeper into my Kundalini yoga practice to find the strength, clarity and inner resources that I have needed at this time. I honestly don’t know how I would have managed this year without it.

Initially when I found out my mother had cancer, I went into a deep state of terror. My father was also declining and I had had a difficult 6 months with a sick child.  It stirred up many feelings of desperation; wanting my mother to come to me and her not being there. I had often experienced that sense of falling that comes from needing to be emotionally held as a child and not getting it.

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The 11 moon points of a woman

Have you noticed how your mood is in constant flux? One day you can feel bright as a button and the next day you feel inward and in need of a duvet day?! Perhaps you feel insecure or fearful and then suddenly feel this shift to excitement and vitality?

The woman is ruled by the moon so as the outer moon waxes and wanes so too does her inner moon and her 11 moon points which shift every 2.5 days. This is called her moon cycle and is different from her menstrual cycle. She will be influenced by this cycle in her mood and the way that she interacts with the world through her whole life and it will be set to a particular pattern unless she experiences shock or something traumatic. No longer do you have to feel that crazy or that there is something wrong; this is your innate nature as a woman and it brings you many gifts! You are constantly changing and are deeply intuitive so we need to learn to trust ourselves. Men are ruled by the sun and only have one moon point on their chin and so they are much steadier than women.

Learn more about the 11 moon points of a woman in this new course

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How to cope in difficult times?

Well I have to say that I have had a very difficult and unsettling 6 months and it is not over yet!

When people say that all things come at once, it has certainly been that way for me.

My daughter had glandular fever and repeated ear infections since October 2013 and I was waking 2-5 times every night for months. As you can imagine, this really started to take its toll on my own health.

Also, for 3 months, we were unsure as to whether we would have to move out from our home, which was very unsettling.

My father also retired last year and a few months into his retirement, he started to decline after a fall and he needed 24 hour care. My mother became his carer. This really took its toll on her and then early this year my mother was diagnosed with cancer. Can life get any more challenging?!

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Meditation for Rough Times Ahead

This meditation is key to a Kundalini Yoga session: We always tune in with Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo x3

(I bow to the infinite wisdom within myself)

Sit in Easy pose with a straight spine (crossed legged position either on the floor or sit upright on a chair). Bend the right elbow and relax it near the body, raise the right hand up to the side as if taking an oath. Hold the first two fingers straight, joined and pointing up. Curl the other two fingers down into the palm and lock the thumb over them.

Hold the left hand in the same mudra with the two outstretched fingers touching the heart wherever you feel the heart centre is. Normally if you draw a line between the nipples and drop a perpendicular line from the nose, the intersection is the heart area or heart lotus. Make the outstretched fingers as straight as possible for better electromagnetic field around you.

Breathe slowly, meditatively and with control taking the breath from the nose up to the third eye (between eye brows) and then down to the heart where the fingers are. The breath must go touching the entire area, and you must feel it. Either keep the eyes closed or look at the tip of the nose.

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£3000 in two weeks?! – Finding Prosperity through Meditation

‘By believing passionately in something that still does not exist, we create it. The non-existent is whatever we have not sufficiently desired.’ Franz Kafka

Finding Prosperity through Meditation

I started a prosperity Meditation just after my birthday and made the commitment to do this for 120 days. I am now in week three and amazing things have started to happen!

Firstly I received a new sofa! I needed one and had been without one for several months but had been getting used to the minimalist style of sitting about on cushions; eastern style! When up ‘popped’ a post on facebook for a free sofa and it was delivered to my door by two strapping men that very same day! You may think that this is a very small act of prosperity but I felt there was some movement towards abundance.

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Commitment and Excellence

Do you remember when you wanted to come to class and couldn’t? Do you remember when you wanted to get up in the morning and be with your God and couldn’t? Do you remember when you wanted to love and be with somebody and couldn’t? All problems on this planet come from “couldn’t.” It gives us a slip from our dharma, from our destiny. We need to make our will so clean, clear and positive that “couldn’t” does not touch our shores.

Today’s Reminder For Commitment

Kundalini Yoga takes away “couldn’t” and gives us excellence. In creating excellent character, it gives a pathway of essential sacrifice, which gives maximum happiness. If we cannot sacrifice our ego, attachments, anger, lust and greed—what can we sacrifice? These faculties force our “couldn’t” upon us. Things will not change until you change them through the Divine You within you, which allows you to sacrifice. Reality in you makes you realize. This is the law of the Lord, Purkha, and Nature, Prakirti and will never change. You must change with it.

Sequence has a consequence. When we start a sequence, the consequence will be there. If you do not want consequences, do not start the sequence. Have that control! Control your “couldn’t”!

“There is nothing beyond commitment, there is nothing before commitment, and there is nothing in commitment, because commitment is complete within itself.” – Yogi Bhajan.

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How Many Times a Day do you Hear This? – Commitment & Excellence.

How many times a day do you hear yourself saying ‘I couldn’t’, ‘I don’t have time’, ‘I can’t?’


These are limiting beliefs that hold in a place of lack or ‘stuck-ness’.

There are always reasons not to do something particularly when it is about nurturing the Self.

The first step to happiness is Commitment.

What are you going do to commit to finding your excellence?


In Kundalini Yoga, Yogi Bhajan talks about excellence; not excellence in doing but excellence in being. We run after being a good enough parent, friend, partner, therapist, business person particularly as our belief systems of ‘I am not good enough’ is endemic in our society. What if we were to find a time to nurture that part of us that is excellence? That always Is? 

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BodyTalk and Kundalini Yoga- A potent combination….

The combination of Kundalini Yoga and BodyTalk is a profound one

1. What hesitations did you have about working with me?

I wasn’t really clear what Bodytalk was, or how it could really help but was prepared to give it a go as I wanted to work through some issues that had been holding me back for sometime and I trusted your judgement.

2. What results have you achieved since we started working together?

I’m feeling very different in myself. The main thing is that everything feels a LOT less fraught. I was carrying a lot of baseline tension and was very reactive with everything.  I sleep deeply and can manage fine with less rest. I can stay present in conflict situations and note what’s going on, with me and with the situation, without flying off the handle or going deeply into a pain state. I’m much calmer and able to withdraw gracefully rather than going for more conflict.

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How Bodytalk helped me overcome chronic pain and post-natal depression

What is the answer to chronic pain and depression?

In 2006 I came back from a round the world trip to get patched up because I had suffered crippling back pain and eventually I took myself off to have x-rays. The chiropractor was shocked at what he saw and suggested I come home.

So after much agonising I gave up my trip, and the voluntary work I had organised in Mexico, and I flew home. I was in chronic pain and very depressed. Several months later I became pregnant and moved to Frome when my daughter was born.

It was here that I had my first experience of Bodytalk and it was here that my life began to change quite profoundly!

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