The Healing Properties of Words

I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you’

In 1983 Dr Hew Len worked as a psychologist in a psychiatric hospital institution in Hawai for 3 years where most patients were incarcerated for rape, murder, assault or battery against people or property.  Staff often used ankle and wrist restraints and the use of seclusion rooms on patients due to high levels of violence. Staff sickness was high, visiting hours were rare and there was no rehabilitative work done with patients.

After 3 years in 1987, the work in the psychiatric hospital had been transformed. Seclusion rooms were no longer in use, nor were ankle and wrist restraints, violence was rare and patients had become responsible for their own rehabilitative care with on and off site work. Family visits had increased and sick leave by staff was no longer a common problem. He did not do any therapy or counselling with the patients or run any conferences for staff or patients.

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Living on Prana-Universal Life Force

The Art of Prana and Kundalini Yoga

Henri Monfort has not eaten food for the last 7 years and has trained his body to be nourished with Prana.  Many sages and yogi’s for centuries have also perfected this practice and currently there is about 35,000 people in the world who live in this way.

So what is Prana?  It is the Universal Life Force, the sub atomic energy or the first unit of energy.  Prana is the motion and coding of life energies through the realms of the mind and body and it is that which gives us life and which resides within us and everything around us.  By nourishing yourself with Prana then you are living within the flow of Universal Consciousness and nourishing yourself with it and so you experience Oneness or Totality which people describe as Universal Love.

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