BodyTalk and Kundalini Yoga- A potent combination….

The combination of Kundalini Yoga and BodyTalk is a profound one

1. What hesitations did you have about working with me?

I wasn’t really clear what Bodytalk was, or how it could really help but was prepared to give it a go as I wanted to work through some issues that had been holding me back for sometime and I trusted your judgement.

2. What results have you achieved since we started working together?

I’m feeling very different in myself. The main thing is that everything feels a LOT less fraught. I was carrying a lot of baseline tension and was very reactive with everything.  I sleep deeply and can manage fine with less rest. I can stay present in conflict situations and note what’s going on, with me and with the situation, without flying off the handle or going deeply into a pain state. I’m much calmer and able to withdraw gracefully rather than going for more conflict.

3. What did you like best about working with me?

The session went straight into some of the most painful things in my life, things which I’ve been carrying from childhood. I’ve been aware of what was going on, having had psychotherapy and done a lot of personal development work. But there was this remaining pain and tension that I simply didn’t know how to get rid of, even though I understood its cause perfectly well.  I was ready to deal with these issues, but they came up in the session without me expecting it, and I found myself able to release a lot of the feelings very freely. Jotipal held a compassionate space for me to do that, and I was able to understand another dimension of what was happening through her work in the session.

4. How else have you benefited from our work together?

Ego eradicator to bring the ego into balance!

At Jotipal’s suggestion, I have also combined the Bodytalk with a daily kundalini yoga practice tailored precisely to the issues which came up in the session. Together, these have helped me connect deeply with a part of myself I knew was neglected, but so badly so that I lacked the tools to address the neglect – I simply didn’t know what to do about it. Through the yoga practice I have been able to spend gentle, compassionate time with myself and this has been deeply healing. I feel more complete and “full” as a result.

5. Would you recommend me and my services? If so, why and to whom?

Yes, particularly because of the combination of Kundalini yoga and BodyTalk. The BodyTalk enables blocks to be cleared, but the yoga enables you to take this out of the consulting room and extend the benefits more deeply into your life.  What I also found is that by making the connection between emotional/mental states or difficulties and what is happening on the physical level, it was like a final piece of the puzzle, and I think that this is why it has been effective for me in a way that other therapy wasn’t.

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