BodyTalk- Healing Relationships

Heal the dynamics within relationships so there can be harmony

Healing relationships comes up regularly with clients in BodyTalk. It is also something that is very helpful between myself and my daughter when things get charged or difficult but it is also very helpful within other family dynamics, intimate relationships, within businesses, or other professional relationships.

Healing Relationships with BodyTalk

Where ever relationships become difficult then a BodyTalk session on that relationship or countless relationships such as within an organisation can be very helpful to clear the energy.  Witth BodyTalk we can clear negativity, stuck energy, emotions or belief systems that inhibit our ability to relate well.

THE relationship

We all have our own baggage that we bring to relationships. There is you, there is the other and there is the relationship, whether that be the relationship to your cat, your husband, your child or your business. So already there becomes another entity that has its own energy dynamic when two or more people or ‘things’ form a relationship.


Now this relationship can get stuck. It can energetically get caught up with all manner of projections and emotional garbage that we carry. Indeed children often play out the drama’s of the parents. In psychotherapy this is a known phenomena called mirroring. In BodyTalk this is called a ‘matrix’.

Attachments and Control

We create matrices all the time because of our attachment to a particular things, or an attachment to someone doing or behaving in a particular way. So a mother could be feeling very angry however it is the child that plays the anger out.

In BodyTalk this is a tangible energy. We call it a invasive matrix and this matrix has a consciousness of its own: it takes over the energy of the other. The energy of the mother is thrown subconsciously to the child which subsequently plays out the energy of this matrix.

This frequently happens between partners, between parents and their children and between owners and their pets! Often the health issues of pets is linked to the health of their owner!

Now there are also matrices that we create within ourselves such as an attachment to a particular role or job. That attachment can become so strong that when someone loses that job that energy is internalised: causing this matrix to take over part of the body.

We know about this phenomenon when someone retires and then dies very quickly. The energy of a matrix that has taken over the energy of that person. It is therefore important to deal with matrices and we can safely remove them with BodyTalk.

How to heal family relationships with BodyTalk?

When a client comes to me I always ask the body what the agenda is. It may be that the client is the surrogate for the whole family dynamic whereby we do a whole session on the client for the whole family energy.

Alternatively we may need to heal the relationship between certain people in the family unit. Clearing away emotional debris or attachments that are not healthy. We may also have to look the ancestral line and what is the influence coming through this.

Healing the family matrix is fascinating because it opens up a wider field.

We are considering many different facets of the matrix. The health of the matrix is also dependent on the health of the matrix holders. The mother and father in a family or two people in an organisation that holds that energy. When this is disrupted the health of its members are also effected. Perhaps a child holds the maternal matrix instead of the mother or may be the mother holds both the maternal and paternal energies. What ever the disruption may be, we can help to heal this with BodyTalk.

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