Commitment and Excellence

Do you remember when you wanted to come to class and couldn’t? Do you remember when you wanted to get up in the morning and be with your God and couldn’t? Do you remember when you wanted to love and be with somebody and couldn’t? All problems on this planet come from “couldn’t.” It gives us a slip from our dharma, from our destiny. We need to make our will so clean, clear and positive that “couldn’t” does not touch our shores.

Today’s Reminder For Commitment

Kundalini Yoga takes away “couldn’t” and gives us excellence. In creating excellent character, it gives a pathway of essential sacrifice, which gives maximum happiness. If we cannot sacrifice our ego, attachments, anger, lust and greed—what can we sacrifice? These faculties force our “couldn’t” upon us. Things will not change until you change them through the Divine You within you, which allows you to sacrifice. Reality in you makes you realize. This is the law of the Lord, Purkha, and Nature, Prakirti and will never change. You must change with it.

Sequence has a consequence. When we start a sequence, the consequence will be there. If you do not want consequences, do not start the sequence. Have that control! Control your “couldn’t”!

“There is nothing beyond commitment, there is nothing before commitment, and there is nothing in commitment, because commitment is complete within itself.” – Yogi Bhajan.

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