Distance Healing. How Does it Work?

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is Physics’ Albert Einstein


I want to dispel some of the limiting beliefs people have about distance healing because some of the most amazing sessions I have given as a practitioner and received as a client have been at a distance.

Quantum Physics and Zero Point Field

In order to understand distance healing, you need to understand a little bit about quantum physics. Scientists in the 1920s discovered the Zero Point Field. It describes a space in which molecules have stopped moving and yet where there is still a vibration. So everything is vibration including empty space. And all these vibrations are connected, permeating every part of the Universe which means we are all connected! Just as a stone creates ripples when thrown into water, so too does your vibration to the energy in the Quantum Field. A rock, for example, has dense energy and lower temperature and therefore its vibration will be slower than a flower or a crystal. Higher vibrational or subtle energies will vibrate at a faster rate as their temperature is higher.

Your Subconscious and Your Energy Field

BodyTalk is a type of energy medicine. What we hold in our subconscious creates an energy field that radiates beyond our physical body. Research by UCLA shows that you can measure your thoughts with a Magnetic-Encephalogram (MEG) as they show up in your electromagnetic field several feet from your physical body. So what we feel or think is not bound by the physical body. They create a vibration that interacts with the energy outside of you and brings in an experience to match this. This is what Einstein figured out.

So, what you hold in your subconscious dictates both your experience of life and the health of your body. In each and every cell there is the potential for health and sickness. So what is the consciousness that you bring to that cell? 90% of what we play out in our lives and in our bodies is from our subconscious programming. It is subtle and can’t be fathomed out by the conscious mind which is why positive affirmations have a limited effect because the subconscious is far more powerful.

Intention is Vibration

So drawing on what you now know about our energy fields and our subconscious, it is possible for someone to tune into your energy at a distance. Remember, energy is not bound by time and space, it is a vibration and these vibrations are connected. Energy flows where your attention goes. Think about prayer for a moment. This is an intention that creates a vibration. Every thought, word, action or movement creates a vibration. And we exchange energy every time we have an interaction with someone even if we just think about them.

The Group Matrix

By connecting to a client’s energy through their face, voice, written word, or their photo means I can connect to the energy that is held in their electromagnetic field from their subconscious. And then using a muscle checking system, I can tune in to find what is out of balance and what needs to be addressed at a subconscious level. When a group of people comes together, they usually will have similar issues because of the Law of Resonance. This group is called a matrix which is just another energy field. We can work with this energy field in BodyTalk and change the programming of the individuals that create that group, therefore changing the experience of the individuals of that group.

The more subtle your energy, the more you can tune into these subtler energies around you and penetrate beyond the physical reality to perceive beings such as angels or ascended masters, and use your intuition and inner guidance more effectively. That way you will be living more in tune with your true nature and more inflow rather than trying to battle against the limitations of the mind and trying to figure stuff out! Which can drive you bonkers!

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One Response to Distance Healing. How Does it Work?

  • Hello Jotipal. I have been receiving Bodytalk healings from you for quite sometime now and love every minute of it. Had a distant healing yesterday where the cerebral cortex was worked upon and it connected together all parts of my body and mind. She worked on my nervous system, my muscular system my emotional state my intellectual abilities A wonderful experience and I will return in three week and whatever else there is to work on and wow I feel just great!s time for some more. All I can say is I feel good the cost was worth while and I would recommend that any of you considering a Bodytalk healing with Jotipal go ahead and treat yourself to a remarkable experience. Jotipal is a very good healer and Kundalini yoga practitionerand a very special person. Thank you so very much Jotipal!
    Blessings Stephanie Lewin

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