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BE A CONSCIOUS LEADER-Women’s Kundalini Yoga Course, Frome

May 2, 2019 @ 10:00 am - July 18, 2019 @ 12:00 pm

£120 – £150



Women’s Kundalini Yoga Course, Frome

Come home to yourself; in this place is everything you have ever yearned for.

Are you a woman who yearns for a better world?

Would you like to drop the fear about the future and align to your Soul Destiny?

Create positive change in yourself and others?

Inspire others through your presence?

Crystallise something deep in yourself?

Find contentment within?

Step into your power and utilise your gifts?

Create Positive Change

Warrior pose is great for empowerment!

Be A Conscious Leader is a women’s Kundalini yoga course for self empowerment and self mastery because from this place all else flows. If you are a woman and feel a calling to make a difference in the world; to create a positive change and create the world you wish to see, then this women’s Kundalini Yoga course is for you. This change starts with you!


You have been born at a time of great difficulty and yet what lies ahead is an opportunity to crystallise the True Self, that part of you that has a deep knowing and is connecting to everything around you. You can go beyond the normal and mundane to experience the magic right in front of your eyes. You have the ability to empower yourself and others. You have the ability to inspire others through your presence and your radiance. This radiance is a gift. It brings security, grace,  deep peace and contentment.



Sometimes the state of the world can create a lot of insecurity and fear and its easy to fall into a pattern of feeling victim to circumstances outside of your control. I remember some years ago feeling so insecure that I wished I could take off to the moon or another planet to escape the craziness. And yet we have re-incarnated during the Kali Yuga for a reason and running away or living in denial is not going to help us. These times were predicted over 5000 years ago  where many challenges will come and yet there is a great awakening in this time of transition. It is now that we have an opportunity to crystallise our strength and the beauty within to create the world we desire. It is now that we are driven to master ourselves so we then can step out into the world as conscious leaders, warriors and change makers. And we can do that through our Radiance.


Women As Leaders

Yogi Bhajan came to the West in the 1960s to spread the teaching of Kundalini Yoga to prepare for these times. He predicted many people will ‘hit a wall’ and there will be an epidemic of mental health issues and extreme stress with stress related illnesses. He predicted that women will lead the way during these difficult times and that women need to step into their power and draw on the strength of the  Divine Feminine as well as the Divine Masculine. There actually needs to be a balance of both within us and within our relationships.

Women are wired to be more sensitive than men. We have 11 moons points where men only have one. We have two arc lines whereby men only have one. We give birth and therefore have a stronger nervous system than men and stronger intuition so we can be in more than one place at a time. The prayer of a woman to her child is the strongest prayer.  This is not about women being dominant over men because this dominance is of an old paradigm. This is about inspiring men and creating positive change through Grace. We need to stop making ourselves small and begin to realise the gifts we have within.  We CAN lead through the heart. We CAN inspire others through our presence and your radiance. We CAN cultivate these innate gifts to change perspective from fear to love. We CAN change the world.


Awaken the Heart and Your Divine Presence

Prayer pose brings balance to the mind and both hemispheres of brain

Kundalini Yoga is a technology which awakens the heart, connects you to your Divine Presence and opens up the subtle senses so that you can see life from a different perspective. Most importantly, it raises your vibration and expands your energy field so what you need will come to you with ease. It aligns you to Grace and gives you dignity so you can hold strong during times of great challenge. It enables you to live from the heart and inspire others through your radiance. Kundalini Yoga gives you a strong nervous system so you can take the pressure of the times and brings a connection to your Unlimited Nature so you feel supported and confident to step out into the world. It has a profound effect on the mind, so the mind is trained to become in service to the Soul rather than in control which can cause all kinds of chaos!

On this course we will explore the teachings of Yogi Bhajan through Kundalini yoga and meditations, self exploration and sharing in a safe group of women. You will learn about yourself as a unique individual, your gifts, and how you are able to find the gem within which will ignite yourself and your life.





During this course you will:

  • Drop the discontentment, insecurity and fear
  • Find unity in yourself
  • Learn another way of being in the world where you can change your perspective and access a deeper knowing about life.
  • Develop your intuition and self trust to move forward in life with greater confidence.
  • Learn what it is you need to do and when to act
  • Feel secure to support yourself and others during this time of transition
  • Begin to deeply trust yourself and life itself
  • Let go of the fear and step into your power
  • Learn to Lead through the heart
  • Build your presence and your radiance to inspire yourself and others
  • Learn how to listen to your Soul

Book today. You will not be disappointed!


‘I have learnt so much about myself! The safe environment which you have created for us has been wonderful. I feel that I can start to let go. It is inspirational. It introduces you to YOU! It makes you strive to have a more positive impact on the Universe and those around you.’ Janette

‘Jotipal is a wonderful teacher, full of light who will give/show you tools to help you find you.’ Sarah

‘I have learnt there is a space between me and my mind and I can act instead of react.’ Rumyana

‘Come to deeply understand yourself, have better tools to navigate your circumstances in life and better relationships with other people.’ Cecily

‘I want to thank you so much for leading me and being an enormous inspiration in my life. I am filled with deep gratitude to you for supporting and encouraging me on this journey. I came to you during my darkest time of my life and I know my soul delivered me to your class. You can an incredible teacher and have supported me to find peace and depth within me that I have been longing to find for so long. I lay my forehead on the floor in gratitude to you-one soul to another.’ Sarah

‘It’s wonderful and eye opening. The exercises are really powerful and show you where your blocks are. Jotipal is an incredible teacher and really holds a safe space to open up.’ Anita

‘The course gave me peace and knowledge. Jotipal is a great teacher and offers a lot on all levels.’ Terri

‘It has given me courage and strength. I have felt a real contentment in myself and peaceful with who I am as a person. This course will be bring out things in you, you never knew existed and it will leave you feeling grateful.’ Millie

‘This course has impacted by life by opening me up to my femininity and reminding me Who I Am. Come and remember who you are!’ Joanna

‘It has helped me identify where I have blocks in my energy flow.’ Karen

‘I’ve learnt more about myself and being able to tap into the Divine Feminine energy and I’ve learnt to carry this divine energy with me every day. It has allowed me to be more compassionate to myself and let the love in.’ Rowan

‘I can’t wait to do more Kundalini Yoga!! I want as much knowledge as possible!’ Anita

‘Thank you so much. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. I have gained so much to enrich my life.’ Sophia

Are you ready for Self Mastery?

Jotipal Kaur is an experienced Kundalini yoga teacher and Bodytalk practitioner with over 10 years experience of holding space for deep healing to unfold.

All it takes is your courage and commitment.

 Are you ready to create positive change in the World?

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May 2, 2019 @ 10:00 am
July 18, 2019 @ 12:00 pm
£120 – £150
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