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From Worrier to Warrior-Kundalini Yoga for Women, Frome

March 26 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

£5 – £150

From Worrier to Warrior- Kundalini Yoga Course for Women

Thursday mornings 10-12pm

Dates: 24 Jan| 30 Jan| 6 Feb | 13 Feb| 27 Feb| 5 Mar| 12 Mar| 19 Mar| 26 Mar| 2 April

Investment £150/ £120 early bird if paid in full by 5th Jan. Payment plans are available.


In this course ‘From Worrier to Warrior- Kundalini yoga for women’ you will be working to drop your deep rooted patterns that prevent you from being calm, free and happy in yourself. Kundalini yoga is a powerful practice which enables you to live a healthy and happy life no matter what the outside circumstances are. To move from being a Worrier to Warrior, you first have to recognise your limitations and what the triggers are. From there, a deep alchemy will take place. We will use a powerful combination of  Kundalini yoga, yogic re-birthing, meditations, sharing circles, visualisations, vibrational essences and sound healing to create deep changes at a cellular level in yourself so you can stop worrying and step into your power as a woman! Your power as a woman is your sense of security in yourself, it is the ability to be in the flow of life, to feel your Grace and peace from within and radiate the light of your Soul so that you can shine and uplift others. The only thing that stops you doing this is your limited self and the patterns that bind! People often report Kundalini yoga as being a life changing practice, helping them to become more open hearted, friendlier, calmer and more emotionally balanced and to have a direct and authentic relationship with the guidance of the Soul.

This course provides you with a safe and nurturing space to explore your deep rooted patterns and transform something very deep inside. There is a magic that happens in these courses. This beautiful space is a refuge and a resource for many women wishing to feel part of a community and have a sense of belonging with other like minded women.

Feel deeply into yourself, connect deeply with others so that you can expand into your True and Radiant Self.

The False Personality

When we were young we all built up patterns of behaviour as coping strategies because our needs were not met as a child. These form aspects of the false personality that get played out in situations in our lives and we then react to something in the same way that we did 20 years before. These behaviours often stem out of limiting beliefs that we have made about ourselves which are not based in reality but they feel like a truth. These false truths are the cause of a lot of pain and patterns that prevent you from living a free and joyful life and they will get played out in every relationship you have in your life, one way or another.

Being Triggered is A Gift!

When you are triggered by someone or a situation in your life, this is because there is something in you that is not in alignment with your True Self. The True Self is always neutral, expanded and able to see the bigger picture. The limited mind and these aspects of the false personality gets hurt, takes things personally, gets triggered, can feel victim and wants control! We have all had difficult experiences in life and traumas that build up an armouring around the heart and therefore an armouring towards life so that we can’t get hurt again. Maybe you hold  a limiting belief that you can’t be vulnerable so you have always made yourself strong and independent but that ultimately keeps people away. Or maybe there is a limiting belief that you have to be perfect to be loved which means you feel you always have to do better or get things right. What ever your belief systems are, there is a way to work with these to clear them so that you can be radically free.


Discover Yourself!

During this course you will uncover these aspects of yourself that limit you and work to clear them at a deep subconscious and cellular level. You will then move from identifying with your limited self to be able to relate to you the radiate light of your soul.

When you are triggered, this is an opportunity to see what is triggered in you. There will be an emotional response and under the emotional response there will be a limited belief about yourself. Rather than project outwards to another person that it is their fault, part of our spiritual growth is to take responsibility for what we bring to this situation and what is still unresolved in us. There is a movement of the Soul that takes us to our resistance so we can break free and live the happy and joyful life that we deserve.

This process takes courage!

If you have a calling to really step into the Warrior in you, then this course is for you. You will be supported by myself, Jotipal Kaur, who is an experienced Kundalini yoga teacher for 7 years and therapist for 10 years. You will also have the support of a beautiful community of women to share and journey with. You are not alone. You are supported every step of the way. The whole Universe in you. Ready to be Awakened…….

Come and join this beautiful community. Book here 

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