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Meditation of the Soul- Monthly Chanting Workshops, Frome

June 9 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Meditation of the Soul

Monthly Chanting Workshops, Frome


Mantra workshops give you a resource whereby you can uplift yourself from stress

Meditation of the Soul is a series of workshops using the words of Japji Sahib.  As you chant, the tongue moves on the upper palette which is like a map and has a profound effect on the brain and the glands of the body so you are taken to an experience of Ecstasy. By chanting the Japji you will clear emotional blocks, open up to new opportunities, relax more, let go of fear or lack mentality and raise your vibration and experience your vastness.  It has a profound effect on the chemistry of the brain and brings you supreme peace and deep silence of the Soul can come through.

Japji is not a religion. It is a powerful technology to uplift and navigate the Soul like a compass to where you need to go to fulfil your destiny. You don’t even need to understand what you chant to gain the benefit of chanting these words.




A Balm Applied to the Wounds of Life


Through my own exploration, I have come to understand the profound  benefits to chanting Japji. I have found it to be a balm that gets applied to the wounds of life. It takes me to a very still place so I can experience my vastness and drop the feelings of isolation, limitation or powerlessness. The Shabd Guru (The sound current as the teacher) is a very special and unique experience and one that I wish to share because it is Universal in its application and is not religious but rather a technology which we can use to uplift our consciousness.

The repetition of a mantra is known to be one of the fastest and easiest ways to purify the mind and body. It is said to burn past karma and releases you from fear. It elevates you to a heightened state of consciousness. Jappa (repetition of a mantra) makes a person bright, light, happy, conscious and prosperous so it is such an accessible tool to elevate your own consciousness when chanted from the heart.

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The Japji Sahib-Sound as The Teacher


The Shabd Guru teaches you a new way of being in the world

Japji Sahib are the words of Guru Nanak who was the 1st Sikh Guru.  He became enlightened one day after bathing in the river near his home in the Punjab and entered into the experience of Samadi. Samadi is where one enters into an experience of Oneness with the Universe. By accessing the Un-struck sound of the Universe; the sound behind the sound it came through as poetry.  This is what we call the Shabd Guru.  Shabd means sound and Guru means teacher. These words have a very high resonance and has a profound effect on the mind and body. When we chant these words, the sound current becomes our teacher; it takes us to a place of zero where we can access our inner guidance and find peace, stillness, clarity and trust.



Experience Oneness in You


His teachings have had a profound effect throughout history.  He taught that there is no separation, only Oneness.  By following the sound current on the Shabd Guru you have an opportunity to experience this Oneness within. Within your own life, you have two ways of being. Either follow your destiny, that being the path of your inner guidance of the Soul or you allow fate or the outer events of life to direct your experience. When you decide that you wish to live in alignment with your true calling, the sound current from the Japji is a profound way to uplift your spirits and align to the Soul. It brings you to a place of deep peace and contentment very quickly.

Exploring Japji Sahib


Over the coming months we will be exploring each pauri of Japji Sahib during these mantra workshops.

A pauri means step, so like a staircase we learn to take each step to elevate our consciousness. It is said that the Japji works from Heaven to Earth so the 1st Pauri relates to your 8th chakra and the element of Ether until you reach Earth at the 40th Pauri at the base chakra.

In this way, reading the entire Japji Sahib completely adjusts “all the elements in all of the chakras and completely adjusts your subtle and physical bodies.’


‘Thank you for facilitating such an amazing chanting experience. I felt incredibly blessed and connected to a gentle loving place deep within myself. I hope to do much more!’ Katherine

‘Thank you as always for your beautiful teachings, they come just at the right time. The relief I felt after I joined the chanting this week with Jotipal was so blissful and blessed. I was a totally stressed out mess and it returned me to neutral! After chanting this morning I felt much calmer, I have slowed down and i’m not so stuck in my emotions. Feeling blessed to have these teachings in my life.’ Rowan

Dates for Mantra Workshops

25th November 2-4pm

Rise up from failure, feel success and find prosperity

20th January 2019 2-4pm

Release yourself from feeling trapped and limited. Transform the need for control

24 February 2019 2-4pm

Find your own power in your life and expand to align to your truth

24 March 7-9pm

Allow the Grace within to flow through your life so that live in accordance with your excellence

9 June May 7-9pm

Deeply listen to the call of your Soul and expand into Grace

15 September

Find solidarity in yourself, self respect when you feel small and open up your intuition

10 November

Align to your destiny

12 Jan 2020

Feel the compassion of the Universe and freedom to experience the Divine in you




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