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Powerful and Profound Mantra Retreat, Glastonbury

November 6 @ 6:00 pm - November 8 @ 3:00 pm

£250 – £280

Powerful and Profound Mantra Retreat, Glastonbury

This powerful and profound mantra meditation retreat, Glastonbury, is an extraordinary experience. The repetition of a mantra has a profound effect on the chemistry of the brain, it clears emotional blocks, stills the mind, and brings supreme peace. We call this ‘Jappa.’

It is one of the fastest and easiest ways to purify the mind and body. It burns past karma and releases you from fear. It elevates you to a heightened state of consciousness.

Jappa (repetition of a mantra) makes a person bright, light, happy, conscious, and prosperous.

“When you recite a mantra, you make yourself positive, pure and your vibration is very penetrating.”
– Yogi Bhajan

Price & booking


£255 Early Bird paid in full before 6 Sept 2020

Food and Accommodation included

NB: If we go into another wave of lockdown, you will receive a full refund or the chance to do this retreat in part over zoom. This is something that we can discuss nearer the time. Please be assured that you will not lose your money!

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Chanting Mantra

Mantras have a powerful effect on the mind and body; boosting the immune system and changing the chemistry of the brain and glands. When you chant, the tongue moves in a specific manner activating meridian points on the upper pallet of the mouth which in turn, stimulates the pineal and pituitary glands as well as the hypothalamus- the region of the brain that produces vital hormones throughout the body. It has far-reaching effects on the subconscious mind, helping to release limiting beliefs and old emotions. It is a very blissful experience and helps you de-stress!

The Mantra – Ray Man Shabd

There is a difference between chanting a mantra and Shabd. Shabd are words of an enlightened being. This a Naad or sound vibration from the Anahat or Unstruck Sound (the sound of the Universe) that comes through as poetry. They have a very powerful effect on your vibration because it shakes loose anything in your psyche or energy field which is not in alignment with the energy of the Shabd. It deeply transforms.

On this retreat, we will be chanting Ray Man Shabd. These are the words of Guru Gobindh Singh who was one of the Sikh Guru’s. He was a warrior and his words penetrate straight to the heart and mind. As we are living in the age of mastering the mind, this shabd cuts through the mind and brings a state of perfection and grace. It builds the radiant body which is like a gold band that sits on top of the aura. When the radiant body is strong, all that you need will come to you. Your presence will speak.

As Yogi Bhajan said, “…the perfection of the Re Man Shabad brings a person total health and penetrates through the mental body right to the spirit. The potential manifestation of this meditation is that your state of consciousness is always meditating even when you are not formally meditators…” “…the meditators can develop an arc line of gold. It can lead to perfect state of mental health… You will have wisdom, you will have purity of a yogi…”

The words of the Shabd

Ray man eh bidh jog kamao
Singhee saach akapat kanthala
Dhiaan bibhoot charhaao
Taatee gaho aatam bas kar kee
Bichaa naam adhaarang
Baaje param taar tat har ko
Upajay raag rasaarang
Ughatay taan tarang rang atay giaan geet bandhaanang
Chak chak rahay dayv daanav mun
Chhak chaak biyom bivaanang
Aatam upadays bhays sanjam ko
Jaap so ajapa jaapay
Sada rahay kanchan si kaya
Kaal na kabahoo byaapay

Listen to the mantra here


Oh my mind practice Yoga in this way:

Let Truth be your horn, sincerity your necklace, and meditation the ashes you apply on your body.

Catch your burning soul (self) and stop the flames.  Let the soul (self) be the alms bowl in which you collect the sweet Naam and this will be the only support you will ever need.

The Universe plays its divine music.  The sound of reality is shrill, but this is where God is.

When you listen to the reality from this place of awareness the sweet essence of Raag arises.

Waves of melodies, emotions, and passions arise and flow through you.  Bind yourself with the song of God.

The Universe spins like a potter’s wheel and from it fly demons and angels.  The sage listens to this and instead of getting caught in either one, the sage drinks in the nectar of the heavens and is carried to the heavens in a divine chariot.

Instruct and clothe yourself with self control. Meditate unto infinity until you are meditating without meditating.

In this way, your body shall remain forever golden, and death shall never approach you.

This translation was written by Snatam Kaur and is posted on Spirit Voyage’s website.

Why do this retreat?

  • Heal yourself on all levels
  • Reduce anxiety and depression
  • Releases neurosis
  • Soothes the mind and body
  • Let go of stress and boost immunity
  • Elevate yourself to higher consciousness
  • Invoke guidance
  • Transform through the power of group consciousness
  • Have fun and be part of something amazing for yourself and the planet!

“When all the vibrations of you and your environments have gone negative, that is the moment to use the mantra. When you chant this mantra with the breath of life, you tap into all the angels of the Universe. It’s quick, it’s fast, it’s purposeful. It brings in what you need.”
-Yogi Bhajan 6/26/98


  • 4-6pm – Arrival Fri 6th Nov
  • 6pm – Dinner
  • 7pm – Fire Ceremony, set intentions, meditation
  • 9pm – Start Jappa through to Sunday 8th November
  • 1pm – Sunday Close of retreat
  • 2pm – Celebratory meal altogether
  • 4pm – Depart Sunday 8th Nov

We will split into two groups and be chanting for four hours on and four hours off. The power of the naad (sound current) will elevate you so much. You will eat and sleep during your time off. For the last few hours of the retreat, we will come together as a whole and chant until the closing ceremony. We will then finish with a celebratory meal. We will have done something amazing for ourselves and Humanity!

Book now to join us for extraordinary experience!

Spaces are limited so book early! or call Jotipal 07774 553 227

I can’t wait to share this experience with you!


“Was one of the most profound experiences of my life.”
– Cathy

“Unbelievable and powerful experience with superb guidance and support.”
– Andrew

“Thank you all who created this amazingly wonderful intensive chanting experience. The energy within the group of people really helped me to shift to a higher level of spiritual world and my body can feel it too.”
– Yuan


Paddington Farm
Maiden Croft Ln
Glastonbury, BA6 8JN United Kingdom
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