Healing from V@x Side Effects

The Story of Jenny

Jenny and I had worked together for some time, helping her recover from chemotherapy after breast cancer. We had been focusing on detoxing from the chemo drugs, helping the liver to recover and clearing the fear and the memories of her illness. She had some ill effects after the pneumonia v@x which we worked to solve. When I work with people with cancer, there are two things I notice, stuck trauma and toxins. A lot of the sessions were about clearing the trauma held at a cellular level and clearing memories from childhood and ancestral memories that she was holding.  She was doing really well and her energy and vitality had improved. Then the fear and the insecurity from the recent pandemic influenced her, she was worried about long COVID and felt vulnerable. She decided to have the v@x. Jenny knew how powerful the BodyTalk session had been in the past so she scheduled some additional time to help her body adapt to the intervention. 

Old Symptoms Arising

Unfortunately, some of her old symptoms from previous health issues started to surface after getting the v@x. She felt considerable fatigue, aching joints and headaches. She noticed that her one good eye was blurred and unable to focus and something strange was happening with her hearing. I remember her telling me that her brain felt dislodged from her head. She felt under par and not well. She felt old and out of sync with her ‘good self’. 

The Power of BodyTalk

This is where the power of BodyTalk comes in. In our sessions we identified that there was swelling in her brain, and both the neurons and the cells that nourish the neural connections had been affected. We also had to work on opening the cells up to receive the nourishment so they could function properly and to receive more light. The more light the body holds, the more health and vitality is available to the body. During our sessions, we worked to reestablish the natural healing ability of the body and bring back a state of homeostasis and health.

Here is what she said:

‘I have been working with Jotipal for some time now, she has helped me greatly in recovering from chemotherapy. I decided to have the Covid v@x due to age and previous health problems, also it was hard to ignore the fear that had been generated around the virus. I realised that there would be repercussions from its effects and there were, particularly after the second jab. My energy plummeted and I had trouble focussing and dealing with pain in my eyes. Fortunately Jotipal was there to help re-balance my body, the effects of the chemicals had considerably disturbed my nervous system. I’m so grateful to have her expertise to guide me back to good health and instruct me on the sensitivity of my body and the respect that is due to it.’

Since working together, Jenny’s fatigue has subsided, her eyesight has improved, her vitality has returned and she no longer is suffering aches, pains or headaches. She feels alive again, energised and healthy. She has a spring in her step and a healthy glow. It is possible to recover from v@x injury or side effects.

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