Healing Trauma With BodyTalk

Healing Trauma with BodyTalk is profound and effective. I have seen a great many people come to me for BodyTalk sessions that have physical symptoms that are related to trauma. Some have back pain, for others it may be anxiety or phobias, food allergies or digestive problems. What seems to be underlying is the emotional charge of specific events that have caused trauma to get stuck in the body. This is not a new phenomena. Peter Lavine came across this in his clinic in the 1960s and developed a way of accessing these memories through the body. I love this way of working and this is what we also do in BodyTalk.

The body holds the key for healing

The body holds all the wisdom it needs to heal itself. It is also a large filing system holding all our unprocessed active memories and events. The ideal outcome of a traumatic experience is that we process it through the body.

What the body does with trauma

This tends to happen a lot in animals where they shake out the trauma and then resume their natural homoeostasis as it nothing has happened. In our society, we tend to stop the body’s reactions to trauma such as shaking and divert our attention or supp


ress the emotional charge. This emotional charge will reside in the body and over weeks, months and years this manifests in a myriad of different health issues.


How BodyTalk can help

In BodyTalk we can work gently and efficiently with trauma. We are always asking the body what the priority is and using bio-muscular feedback to ask the BodyMind where we need to go next.

Together we may have to go back to a specific event and then link this to a certain part of the body that is holding the trauma. We may have to do an emotional release of an emotion held in an organ, endocrine of body part. We may have to go back to foetal life and release something taken on from the mother or addressing ancestral memories that influence our every day functioning. Alongside this,  we also use EMDR techniques to release trauma. There are many layers to trauma and we use the body’s innate wisdom to guide us to what we unravel next. In BodyTalk we are bypassing the conscious mind that thinks it knows all the answers and connecting to the subconscious mind held in the body to release it so healing can take place. I hold a loving and supportive space for you, so you can let go.

Are you ready?

With BodyTalk we can go as deep as you want to go. If you are ready, you can move through very profound experiences or we can take it gently and slowly. Your body knows what to do to heal itself. Are you ready?


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‘I have experienced talking therapy and BodyTalk as well as many other types of therapies to heal my trauma. I have found BodyTalk to be a very effective method in releasing chronic pain linked to my own childhood trauma. My self image has shifted as well as my body shape and pain levels.’

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