How Bodytalk helped me overcome chronic pain and post-natal depression

What is the answer to chronic pain and depression?

In 2006 I came back from a round the world trip to get patched up because I had suffered crippling back pain and eventually I took myself off to have x-rays. The chiropractor was shocked at what he saw and suggested I come home.

So after much agonising I gave up my trip, and the voluntary work I had organised in Mexico, and I flew home. I was in chronic pain and very depressed. Several months later I became pregnant and moved to Frome when my daughter was born.

It was here that I had my first experience of Bodytalk and it was here that my life began to change quite profoundly!

My Journey

I was very depressed after having my beautiful daughter; a failing relationship, my family living 100 miles away and I was in a town where I knew no-one. It was a very lonely time and my anxiety increased whenever my partner came home because of the constant criticism I received.  I was  also in a lot of pain with my back and struggling to walk up the stairs with this tiny baby.

Bodytalk helped me dramatically and quickly to recover from post-natal depression. I had had suffered depression in the past and yet today I no-longer experience chronic pain or depression. Today I feel like a new woman, after booking myself for therapy and receiving regular Bodytalk sessions, I have come out the other side with more joy than I have ever felt, with more vigour for life and a deeper understanding for others who also have difficult lives.

BodyTalk Can Help You Too

As parents, it is tough. There are so many pressures and worries that it can become overwhelming not to mention the lack of time for oneself.  I have found it very hard being a single parent. It is a constant journey of self reflection and whether I have done a good job!

 Bodytalk has proven to be a wonderful personal development tool.  I have found that being a parent has brought up so much from my own childhood. All those feelings from the past. Of not being heard, or not feeling good enough. And there I was shouting at my child when she wouldn’t get her shoes on! I have needed help to parent my daughter and I also needed help to parent my own inner child, who desperately needed someone to love her.  Bodytalk has always supported my growth and allowed me to release old beliefs and thought patterns that kept me stuck.

I feel that I am a much more of a  conscious being these days. Because of the pain, because of the path that I have had to walk.  When I felt overwhelmed and in need of some support or my back was screaming at me because of the emotional overwhelm, I would book myself in for a Bodytalk session and it really helped to clear the pain so I could move forward.

I have worked with many people over the last few years, supporting them with Bodytalk.  It has been a beautiful journey. Like a butterfly uncurling its wings so it can take flight. What would you like to heal today?

For more information about Bodytalk or Kundalini Yoga please contact me by email or telephone 07774 553 227.

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2 Responses to How Bodytalk helped me overcome chronic pain and post-natal depression

  • Six weeks ago I had spinal surgery after weeks of pain treated with multiple drugs including oramorph and diazepam ,just to name two!
    I am progressing physically after having a ruptured disc removed but have been advised I have two more bulging discs in the same area.
    Instead of moving forward I have slipped into a depressed place where I swing from desolation to red mist anger.
    Can tapping really help me?

  • I heard your talk in Glastonbury, 22nd Jan. and was very impressed. I became your “client” on the couch and something was released I had be holding onto a long time! And I felt quite exhilerated. I had been experiencing awful insomnia for months, but after the 2 or 3 weeks since then I have been practising the Cortices Tapping technique every evening before going to bed, and have slept very well ever since! I would like to book an appointment with you. So I will telephone to arrange something. Many thanks. I’m sure you can help me with back problems and Fibromyalgia etc.

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