with Jotipal Kaur

Kundalini Yoga

‘You can have a healthy, happy, holy, wholesome life, a fulfilled life, a beautiful life. You can experience in yourself the deep contentment of existence…..’
Yogi Bhajan

Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of awareness. It is an exact scientific technology that uses kriya’s which are a combination of mantras(sound vibration), breath work, postures and meditation. It works from the inside out by moving the energy within the body and the mind through specific kriya’s. It opens the heart, strengthens the physical body and the neutral mind (clarity and intuition). Ultimately, it expands a person’s consciousness by releasing the blocks and old patterns in the subconscious so that a person has more capacity for joy in their life. People who practice Kundalini Yoga have reported a greater sense of well being, feel more balanced and happier as a result and feel more peace because it builds a greater resilience to life, no matter what the circumstances may be. It really does have the ability to transform a person from within.

Kundalini Yoga is said to be the fastest way for transformation of the self through the alignment of the body, mind and its soul. It strengthens the physical body and particularly the nervous and glandular system so we are less affected by stress. It works on the power of the mental affinity to create a strong neutral mind so that we can live a happy and balanced life and it also strengthens our spiritual connection to ourselves.

As you begin to practice Kundalini Yoga, one begins to examine old attitudes, behaviours and emotional habits and as these begin to fall away a student gains a strong body, an artistic and self controlled mind so one is able to ride the waves of life with balance and maintain a strong connection to the infinite.

 ‘Our main job is to be together and inspire each other to reach for the golden light.  Let us be one in the oneness of each other; love and reach out, make life happy. I hope you will live this day with these words deep in your heart’ – Yogi Bhajan

Excerpts taken from the Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Manual written by Yogi Bhajan

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