Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga increases pranic energy and opens the heart so you feel more joy!

Would you like a happy and healthy life?

To experience more vitality and joy?

To have a strong intuition and clarity to guide you in life?

Be a part of a supportive community?

Like more flow in life and less struggle?

If you answered yes to these questions then read on…

Kundalini Yoga – The Yoga of Awareness

Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of awareness. It is an exact scientific technology that uses kriya’s which are a combination of mantras (sound vibration), breath work, postures and meditation. It works from the inside out by moving the energy within the body and the mind through specific kriya’s to create deep changes in the mind and body.

It opens the heart, strengthens the physical body and the neutral mind (clarity and intuition). Ultimately, it expands a person’s consciousness by releasing the blocks and old patterns in the subconscious so that a person has more capacity for joy in their life. People who practice Kundalini Yoga have reported a greater sense of well being, feel more balanced and happier as a result and feel more peace because it builds a greater resilience to life, no matter what the circumstances maybe. It really does have the ability to transform a person from within.

Fastest Way for Transformation

Our beauty comes from our direct relationship with our inner light

Kundalini Yoga is said to be the fastest way for transformation by bringing alignment between the body, mind and the Soul. It strengthens the physical body and particularly the nervous and glandular system so we are less affected by stress.

It works on the power of the mental affinity to create a strong neutral mind so that we can live a happy and balanced life and be less reactive.

It also strengthens our intuition and our spiritual connection to our True Self.

As you begin to practice Kundalini Yoga, one begins to examine old attitudes, behaviours and emotional habits and as these begin to fall away a student gains a strong body, an artistic and self controlled mind so one is able to ride the waves of life with balance and maintain a strong connection to the infinite.

It brings in more joy and peace of mind that is not attached to anything on the outside.

Kundalini Yoga Community

Community is very much part of the practice in Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga is all about community or what we call Sangat.

It is important to have a daily practice yet when we practice together we use the group energy to move our individual consciousness to connect to the the Super Conscious or what we call the Divine Self. The practice of Kundalini yoga is much more powerful when we come together to practice. Check out my regular 40 day guided practices here.

We have a beautiful community in Frome and Bath for both men and women. The women’s courses are very special because we create a safe space to dig deep within. The evening classes have a special energy as we infuse both feminine and masculine energies together.

We come together and create a powerful and transformation energy which changes lives. Come and be touched by the magic of Kundalini Yoga and other like minded people.


Come to deeply understand yourself, have better tools to navigate your circumstances in life and better relationships with other people.’ Cecily

‘I want to thank you so much for leading me and being an enormous inspiration in my life. I am filled with deep gratitude to you for supporting and encouraging me on this journey. I came to you during my darkest time of my life and I know my soul delivered me to your class. You can an incredible teacher and have supported me to find peace and depth within me that I have been longing to find for so long. I lay my forehead on the floor in gratitude to you-one soul to another.’
– Sarah

‘It’s wonderful and eye opening. The exercises are really powerful and show you where your blocks are. Jotipal is an incredible teacher and really holds a safe space to open up.’ Anita

‘The course gave me peace and knowledge. Jotipal is a great teacher and offers a lot on all levels.’
– Terri

‘It has given me courage and strength. I have felt a real contentment in myself and peaceful with who I am as a person. This course will be bring out things in you, you never knew existed and it will leave you feeling grateful.’
– Millie

‘This course has impacted by life by opening me up to my femininity and reminding me Who I Am. Come and remember who you are!’ Joanna

‘It has helped me identify where I have blocks in my energy flow.’
– Karen

‘I’ve learnt more about myself and being able to tap into the Divine Feminine energy and I’ve learnt to carry this divine energy with me every day. It has allowed me to be more compassionate to myself and let the love in.’ Rowan

‘I can’t wait to do more Kundalini Yoga!! I want as much knowledge as possible!’
– Anita

‘Thank you so much. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. I have gained so much to enrich my life.’
– Sophia

What Yogi Bhajan says about Kundalini Yoga

‘Our main job is to be together and inspire each other to reach for the golden light.  Let us be one in the oneness of each other; love and reach out, make life happy. I hope you will live this day with these words deep in your heart’
– Yogi Bhajan

‘You can have a healthy, happy, holy, wholesome life, a fulfilled life, a beautiful life. You can experience in yourself the deep contentment of existence…..’
– Yogi Bhajan

Check out events in Frome and Bath

Check out how BodyTalk and Kundalini Yoga support you beyond talking therapy.

Excerpts taken from the Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Manual written by Yogi Bhajan

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the art of surrender

A Beautiful Community of Women

Kundalini yoga for women is a beautiful community in Frome and online committed to inspiring you to connect to your beauty and strength as a woman. These courses help you to become the best you can be by dropping the limiting beliefs and pain you hold so that you can move to a place of trust and open your heart.

New Times are Emerging

New times are emerging and it is the energy of women that will lead the way. We need to raise our vibration, let go of the old programming of fear, doubt or insecurities and become more aligned to our own inner guidance and the Divinity that comes through.

Come and Be Inspired

We need to come together. We need to uplift each other, enlighten ourselves, build strength and resilience and let go of the old so that a new way can come through. The resources are within you.

Using Kundalini Yoga, meditation, mantra and sound healing, this course is a powerful way to let go of old programming so that you can come to know the depths of your being, which is stillness.


On Zoom and in a secret location in Frome.

Dates and times

Tuesdays 10-12pm in person and online 23 April

Thursday 10-12pm (in person class only) Starting 25 April

BOOK NOW Women’s Kundalini Course - Online and in Person