Kids Yoga in Frome

Kids Yoga in Frome

Every child has a divine spark inside and it is this golden light that needs to be nurtured and nourished.

Golden Child Yoga, yoga for children with Jotipal Kaur, FromeKundalini yoga is a practice for a peaceful education and is more than a posture practice. It encourages healthy bodies by embracing the exploration of the self using breath, mantra, meditation, relaxation and more. It has a depth that is easy for children to grasp effortlessly and elevates and empowers children through the vibration of sound.

Yoga brings children back to their centre. Their bodies will always remember the moment they experience this and this memory will be an important point of reference for the future. By learning to simply be, children are given the time to connect and to integrate- something severely lacking in our culture with the over-stimulation of children which can cause them to be disconnected from their real sense and from one another.

Children who attend classes will be stretched, challenged and offered creative ways to explore yoga. It creates a space for them to explore themselves and create a sense of stillness within.

Golden Child Yoga, kundalini yoga for children with Jotipal Kaur, FromeKundalini yoga is dynamic and encompasses spiritual aspects of yoga as well as working with the physical body. This is done is a subtle way by encouraging children to connect to their bodies through the breath and gaining an awareness of themselves within a larger existence. Kundalini yoga is not religion and is not taught in a dogmatic way. It provides the space for children to explore their thoughts and feelings and creating a space for them to connect deeper with themselves and their community through posture, mantra and breath work.

Yogi Bhajan wrote:

‘It is every child’s birth right to be happy, healthy and whole’

 The Ten Principles of Yoga for Children

  1. Love them
  2. Build their self esteem
  3. Challenge them
  4. Listen to them
  5. Expect respect
  6. Create boundaries
  7. Make god a part of their life (this is not religion but giving the child the opportunity to make a connection with their higher self)
  8. Develop a love of learning
  9. Help them to be community-minded
  10. Let them go

Kids Yoga in Frome – class information

Classes are for 4 – 6 year olds and will be half an hour each week for 6 weeks.
Classes need to paid for in a block of 6.

Classes restart in September 2018.
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Excerpts taken from the Star Child Teacher Training manual by Siri Arti Kaur.