Living on Prana-Universal Life Force

The Art of Prana and Kundalini Yoga

Henri Monfort has not eaten food for the last 7 years and has trained his body to be nourished with Prana.  Many sages and yogi’s for centuries have also perfected this practice and currently there is about 35,000 people in the world who live in this way.

So what is Prana?  It is the Universal Life Force, the sub atomic energy or the first unit of energy.  Prana is the motion and coding of life energies through the realms of the mind and body and it is that which gives us life and which resides within us and everything around us.  By nourishing yourself with Prana then you are living within the flow of Universal Consciousness and nourishing yourself with it and so you experience Oneness or Totality which people describe as Universal Love.

Henri Monfort, describes drawing Prana from the air we breathe, the trees and the grass we have beneath us and from all the objects that we have around us. Even holding an apple, Henri is able to draw the Prana from this and describes being able to taste the sandwich that someone was eating on the other side of the bus he was on.  Prana is in everything because it is Life itself. By using the techniques that Henri describes, he believes one can eradicate the cellular memory of dis-ease and toxins in the body, renewing the cells so they vibrate with perfect harmony and health.

We also use Prana during Kundalini Yoga and we work on mastering the breath through techniques such as Pranayama which is the science of Breath.  This is the foundation for promoting health and vitality, controlling our mood, developing good concentration, opening to the creativity of our emotions and promoting feelings of connectedness with ourselves and others.

We live in a world of duality and so there is always the experience of the gross and subtle breath, what is mine and ‘not mine’ and what is conscious and unconscious.  Kundalini is the yoga of awareness and so we examine the breath and break the habit to ignore it.  We use it as a tool to harness our connection with our body and slow the mind as the breath and its movement is also involved in the processing of emotions and thoughts.  By using the breath to slow our minds we can also break down the barriers which prevent us reaching our true potential.

As Yogi Bhajan stated ‘The main problem in the world is stress.  It is not going to decrease-it is going to increase.  If through pranayam the shock can be harnessed, the entire stress and disease can be eliminated.’

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