Meditation for Rough Times Ahead

This meditation is key to a Kundalini Yoga session: We always tune in with Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo x3

(I bow to the infinite wisdom within myself)

Sit in Easy pose with a straight spine (crossed legged position either on the floor or sit upright on a chair). Bend the right elbow and relax it near the body, raise the right hand up to the side as if taking an oath. Hold the first two fingers straight, joined and pointing up. Curl the other two fingers down into the palm and lock the thumb over them.

Hold the left hand in the same mudra with the two outstretched fingers touching the heart wherever you feel the heart centre is. Normally if you draw a line between the nipples and drop a perpendicular line from the nose, the intersection is the heart area or heart lotus. Make the outstretched fingers as straight as possible for better electromagnetic field around you.

Breathe slowly, meditatively and with control taking the breath from the nose up to the third eye (between eye brows) and then down to the heart where the fingers are. The breath must go touching the entire area, and you must feel it. Either keep the eyes closed or look at the tip of the nose.

Practice this meditation for 11 mins. At the end, inhale and exhale deeply three times. Then relax. To perfect this meditation do it once daily for 40 days.

We always close the class with Sat Nam x 3. The Sat is long and the Nam is short.

(Sat Nam means Truth is my identity)

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