Clearing Overwhelming Feelings of Grief


Take the first step today in clearing some of the overwhelming feelings, fears and limiting beliefs that can block your way forward. This offer includes and initial consultation, a BodyTalk session and a follow up session which will include a personalised meditation to help you on the road to recovery.


Grief can be overwhelming

You have suffered a loss in your life. You are grieving the loss of a loved one, a career, your life experience, a pet or a relationship. You are feeling stuck and unable to move forward. You are overwhelmed with emotions of fear, anxiety or anger and cannot think straight. If only you could let go of these overwhelming feelings.


You have Lost the Joy

The joy and lightness has gone out of your life, you no longer laugh at funny movies or stare in awe at the sunset. The joy has gone from being with friends and sharing laughs over dinner. You’ve lost the motivation to get up in the morning, to get dressed and look your best. Your beautiful clothes stay hanging in the wardrobe. Instead you feel that you are heading into despair and depression. Life has become meaningless and there is a vast empty hole in your life.

You just wish that you could begin to realise your own gifts with the world but you just don’t know where to begin. You feel frustrated and wish you could turn things around and yet you feel you are in a black hole and can’t get out.

Physical Pain and Overwhelm

You are struggling with physical pain and tension in your body. You just seem unable to let go. You dont to have the energy to get through the day and you are dragging yourself around feeling that life has lost all meaning. The feelings of overwhelm cause you to be snappy or difficult to be around. You hate feeling like this and wish that life could return to that happy place. Deep inside you feel lonely and sad. The world moves on and you are left feeling isolated, depressed and stuck. 

Finding A Way Forward

it is possible to find your way back to joy

What if you were able to find a way out of this dark hole and clear the clouds of overwhelm? Imagine how it would be to find the joy and spark in life again, where life had meaning and you feel fulfilled and ready to face each day with enthusiasm? Imagine having the energy and vitality to face life again.

You have re-found the joy in small things, taking walks in nature and marvelling at that wonderful sunset, enjoying the company with friends and laughing over stupid jokes. Getting out of bed in the morning and looking forward to your day because you know you have something worthwhile to offer to the world. You get dressed into your finest clothes and take a look at that sparky person in the mirror!

Finding Meaning in The Grief

You have been able to find meaning to what has happened and integrate it as a gift. Now that you have found the wisdom and understanding of the situation, you can begin to move forward in a positive way. You realise that you too have a gift to share with the world. You are an empowered individual who has the strength and courage to help others. You know that what has happened, can be there as a learning to help others on a similar path. 

How would it be to wake up each day and feel….

  • Like you have the energy and vitality to face life
  • That you are freer in your mind and body
  • A lightness in your being and a spring in your step
  • That you have a reason for living and bringing your gifts into the world.


All this is possible. It doesn’t have to be a distant dream.

I am an energy healer and yoga teacher working with people who are feeling trapped by their life conditions, their health issues or past traumas and patterns. I help people move beyond the stuckness, frustration and overwhelm so they can live their potential. I help them clear cellular memory, karmic and ancestral memories, past trauma and limiting beliefs so they can reach their full potential and realise their gifts so they can shine their light in the world.

After completing this program you will: 

  • Begin to feel lighter and clearer as some of the heavy emotions will have lifted.
  • You will start to feel greater clarity about your way forward. 
  • You will have a greater capacity and understanding of dealing with the overwhelming emotions
  • You will have specific tools to help you when difficult emotions may arise


Your Guide to Clearing Overwhelming feelings of Grief

A One to One BodyTalk Session

This 90 minute session will include talking through a health questionnaire to get clear on what issues you have so we can set the agenda for the session. We will then do a one to one session, asking your body a series of questions to find out exactly what we need to clear to help you feel less overwhelmed, less stressed and feel lighter with greater clarity. This session will include you learning two very simple yet powerful techniques to help rebalance the brain from stress and overwhelm.


Specific Meditation

You’ll get a specific meditation for clearing away emotions and helping you to build the capacity in your nervous system to deal with the overwhelm. This is something that you can take away with you so that you have a tool to use every day.


Follow Up Session

After two weeks, we will follow up with another one to one session. This will be for one hour and we will be peeling the next layer of emotion away, helping to reduce stress and overwhelm so that you can find that sense of balance within and start to feel more like yourself again!




Step 1: Click the link in the shop to pay for the session


Step 2: Watch out for the email from me to confirm your payment and confirm the date for your session. Add my email to your address book so you don’t miss my email!


Step 3: 90 min zoom call at the allocated time to go through the health questionnaire and get down to your one to one BodyTalk session to clear out those unwanted emotions and overwhelm. 



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