Guided 40 Day Home Practice

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Free to students who attend a weekly class or please pay the small fee to join.

Join me on zoom every day for different 40 day practices throughout the year to help deepen your commitment to your own personal practice. When you do a practice, every day for 40 days, you begin to create a deep change in your subconscious and break an old habit. The group energy helps those that struggle with a personal practice at home on their own. We will meet every morning on zoom for a yoga or meditation practice to help you open your heart, strengthen your intuition, develop your radiant body, creating internal balance and more connection to your Soul guidance.

This is given free to students who already commit to a weekly class. If you would like to join and don’t attend a regular class then please pay the fee below. If money is an issue, please get in touch.


5th September-17th October


This practice will help you clear past karma. Past karma is simply unresolved energy that is effecting your day to day life. When you practice this meditation you are cleaning away past energies that are effecting you now, smoothing out your day to day life and bringing you into alignment with prosperity,


6.30-7.30am each day/ 7.30-8.30am at weekends.

There will be a recording if you miss a day.

Be consistent for 40 days to really see the changes in yourself.


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