Kundalini Yoga evening classes-‘Find the Bliss in the Chaos’

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Kundalini Yoga Evenings Classes- Finding the Bliss in the Chaos.

Thursday evenings 7.30-9pm

Drop in £12 a class, block of six £65, Zoom £10

In Person @ Rise, Whittox Lane, Frome or on ZOOM

Find Your Stable Self

In this Kundalini Yoga evening course we will be exploring the difference between what is your ego personality and what is your True Nature. Using Kundalini yoga and mediatation practices you will learn how to cultivate a relationship with the natural resources inside yourself, developing your intuition and learning how to listen to your inner guidance. As human beings we tend to move away from pain and towards pleasure, pushing away difficult emotions or situations. Many people use food, alcohol or sex as a way to move away from difficult emotions.

Kundalini yoga is a technology that helps you to build a strong inner resource. As things on the outside fall away, there is a solid relationship with another part of yourself that keeps you stable. This is the inner guidance or True Self. It is always available to us and yet often not heard because the ego personality can get so loud and can take over with many negative or limiting thoughts. When the relationship with the inner guidance is strong there is less of a need to reach out for wine, chocolate or cigarettes to make you feel better because you have a strong inner resource to hold you through the difficulties.

A Time of Total Surrender

We are entering into a time of total surrender. As the chaos of every day life unfolds, we need to find a place to return to which is neutral and with no drama. This is the space of the neutral mind and the heart. We need to cultivate a heart space where we can keep meeting the events of every day with an open heart and an understanding that goes beyond the limited mind. From the lower mind, everything is in chaos and there is so much uncertainty.


From a higher perspective we are entering into a time of transition where we can master our minds and use the energies coming through to help us create a new way of being in the world. The old paradigm has gone. We now enter a new time line where we are challenged to find the answers inside. No more can we search on the outside for what is true. What is true lives within us and in our hearts. We have an opportunity NOW to cultivate a new way of relating to ourselves and how we are in the world.


Come and join at anytime, be inspired by these teachings and how they can support you and transform your life for the better.


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