Mystery and Magic- Kundalini Yoga Course for Women

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What if there is a seed of magic within you that you haven’t yet access?

What if this magic is ready to sprout and take you on a journey?

Finding Stillness, Finding Magic

You crave stillness in this crazy world. You can get so pulled out of your centre with all that is happening around you and you need space. You find that your mind and your body can become over stimulated and it sends you off in a spin. It can be exhausting holding all that’s in your life and you want to find a different way of being. Deep within you there is a calling. There is a master that lives in you that needs space to find is place and its voice. You have gifts and talents that you are not realising. You know there is another way to live in the world where you are not chasing your tail. There is an urge rising up deeply within that wants to be part of this new reality, you want to plant the seeds of magic on this Earth, you want to join with likeminded women to create dreams into reality, you know you are a way show-er, you know there is a new unfolding on this planet that you want to be a part of. You want to find your Mastery and your Magic!

Amazing New Course

Open up to your Mastery!

Join me for this amazing new course which is based on the teachings of Kundalini Yoga and inspired by the Ascended Master, Lord Merlin. I have been working with the Ascended Masters for about 3 years and I had a visit from Lord Merlin on a couple of occasions. He brought a very strong message during these chaotic times that we are living. His teachings are about stillness as the way to create mastery and magic and to really go inside to cultivate the space for this new way of being. This course will help you to unlock your own mastery and to listen to the inner guidance within. It will help you drop layers of resistance and clear the blocks that stop you from manifesting the life that you desire and deserve. It will open up a trust and flow with life so that you can start to live As You Really Are.

Within you in a seed of magic that was planted long ago. It is ready to blossom in these times. Imagine how life would be if this seed was allowed to grow? What gifts would you give to the world? Are you ready to embrace the all of you and dive deep to create the space for something new?  Step into a beautiful new unfolding and a new chapter in your life. Live from your Mastery and create your magic!

Join me, Jotipal Kaur, an experienced Kundalini yoga teacher and therapist with 13 years of teaching experience. I hold a strong and safe space for you to explore all aspects of your being and to help you honour all that you are. Come and join this amazing and life changing course with other likeminded women.


Tuesdays 10-12pm in person and on zoom


Thursdays 10-12pm in person in Frome


Tuesdays 3, 10, 17, 24, May | 7, 14, 21, 28 June | 5, 12 July


Thursdays: 5, 12, 19, 26 May | 9, 16, 23, 30 June | 7, 14 July

(No class during half term 30 May-3 June)


‘I found solidarity, rootedness, connection with myself, a sense of my power and my strength.’ Nartan

‘I have a greater belief in my own resilience, a stronger core and feeling of groundedness. This practice continues to support my inner work and and the ability to receive with love and wisdom from Source.’ Kelly

‘It gave me stamina and resilience to get through what I have to face in my life and a deep surrending. I take a deep sense womanhood, my voice, listening and connection to my body from this course.’ Renee

‘I gained time for integration, introspection, an inner strength and resourcefulness.’ Nasmia

‘I have experienced by own Divinity and Expansion. I can’t manage without this practice. It supports me in a way I didn’t comprehend and now the benefits of how it helps keeps me centred, positive and in my flow is amazing.’ Daniella

Come to deeply understand yourself, have better tools to navigate your circumstances in life and better relationships with other people.’ Cecily

‘I want to thank you so much for leading me and being an enormous inspiration in my life. I am filled with deep gratitude to you for supporting and encouraging me on this journey. I came to you during my darkest time of my life and I know my soul delivered me to your class. You can an incredible teacher and have supported me to find peace and depth within me that I have been longing to find for so long. I lay my forehead on the floor in gratitude to you-one soul to another.’
– Sarah

‘It’s wonderful and eye opening. The exercises are really powerful and show you where your blocks are. Jotipal is an incredible teacher and really holds a safe space to open up.’ Anita

‘The course gave me peace and knowledge. Jotipal is a great teacher and offers a lot on all levels.’
– Terri

‘It has given me courage and strength. I have felt a real contentment in myself and peaceful with who I am as a person. This course will be bring out things in you, you never knew existed and it will leave you feeling grateful.’
– Millie

‘This course has impacted by life by opening me up to my femininity and reminding me Who I Am. Come and remember who you are!’ Joanna

‘It has helped me identify where I have blocks in my energy flow.’
– Karen

‘I’ve learnt more about myself and being able to tap into the Divine Feminine energy and I’ve learnt to carry this divine energy with me every day. It has allowed me to be more compassionate to myself and let the love in.’ Rowan

‘I can’t wait to do more Kundalini Yoga!! I want as much knowledge as possible!’
– Anita

‘Thank you so much. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. I have gained so much to enrich my life.’
– Sophia



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