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16 May| 13 Jun|11 July

We have managed to get the technology to work in our favour and therefore can deliver you a deeply healing and relaxing experience in the comfort of your own home.

These sessions include a moving meditation, gentle warm ups, guided visualisation and followed by sound healing with the gong. The sound is much better if you use an external speaker or headphones.

How to attend

After booking, you will be sent zoom session details.

Participants said…

“I was a bit hesitant about an online gong bath, but I was incredibly impressed and happy with the quality and ambience of Jotipal’s. If you can’t attend a gong bath in person this is a very good alternative – I felt very peaceful and relaxed afterwards.” Honestly – really was very impressed with the quality! Thank you.’ Katy

‘The gong bath worked well, obviously not the same in person but still really good. I imagine the body/mind association with the actual gong is the same state as a live one. The actual sound throughout was good.’ CL

‘Thank you for the session on Friday which I found very relaxing. Although the headphones were a little distracting the overall benefit was very positive. I experienced a couple of emotional hotspots that reminded me that there are a few things relating to changes and relationships in my life that i have not yet quite processed but the energy is shifting.’ MP

‘That was gorgeous Joti. Thank you. It was definitely different but still so effective and I could hear a lot more notes from the gong through my head set. Really lovely and well done for making it work.’ DE

‘Thank you for the online gong bath. I had no idea how it was going to be but found that my body went deep in the same way it has done at live sound healings. I could feel energetic releases happening in my body.’ DM

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