Woman in Balance, Yoga Course – In person and online


Woman in Balance – Yoga Course, Frome and online

Woman is Balance is a unique yoga course. Come and understand your innate, changing nature as a woman and how to use this as a gift in your life. We will explore the 11 moon centres through Kundalini yoga and meditation creating more balance and connection to your feminine power.

Have you ever wondered why your mood is always changing as a woman? One day you can be feeling on top of the world and the next you can feel so down in the dumps and want to hide under the duvet?! We often equate these feelings to our menstrual cycle however there are other forces at play that have a strong and direct effect on the way that we feel. We also have our 11 moon points, which has a profound influence on us as women (and our partners!) If only we had been taught this information at school!

The 11 Moon Points of a Woman

Women are blessed with 11 moon points. Men have one! Women are associated with the moon as they wax and wane and this is a gift of sensitivity. Men are like the sun as they are more constant. The moon centre of a man is on the chin which keeps them more steady. Women however have 11 moon points and these points on the physical body are activated every 2.5 days. They have a strong effect over your emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. When these are in balance, you are more in tune with your feminine nature as a woman, are able to plan when to take action and when to rest, when is a good time to go inside and find the inner guidance. It is like a road map for life, helping you to understand what you need at any given moment and giving you a sense of understanding about yourself and freedom to be who you really are without shame.

12 week Course

Open up your inner radiance

Come and join 11 other women and learn about these sacred points on your body, how they make you feel, what you can do to bring them into balance and how they have a profound effect on your life. We will use Kundalini yoga and meditations, sharing and sound healing to bring balance to your mind, body and spirit.

Come join this beautiful community of women.

In person details

17 Sept – 10 Dec (No class during half term)

Thursday 10-12pm

The Barn, 11 Keyford, Frome, Somerset BA11 1JF

Online details

15 Sept – 8 Dec (No class during half term)

Tuesdays 10 – 11.30am

Once you have purchased, please contact me for the password forthe sessoon

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