Women of Resilience- Women’s Kundalini Yoga Course

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Women of Resilience

‘Resilience is the ineffable quality that allows someone to be knocked down by life and come back stronger that ever. Rather than letting failure overcome them and drain their resolve, they find a way to rise from the ashes.’ Psychology Today

Women’s Kundalini Yoga Course

You are feeling bogged down by life, the tsunami of difficulties and situations keep coming at you, it weighs you down and you feel overwhelmed. You remember being a kid and feeling care free. Where did all those wonderful feelings go?

These days you are juggling so many things that you often crash at the end of the day or there is little space to process all that life throws at you. Fears or worries often preoccupy your mind, you find it hard to sleep at night and you find getting through the day with enough energy just exacerbates the mountain of issues you are dealing with.

You wake in the morning and it’s hard to get out of bed and or to fit in a daily practice or time for yourself because there are endless tasks to deal with. You start the day running, lurching from one thing to another, spinning so many plates in the air that you are worried it will all come crashing down. You feel tension in your body, your mind is all over the place and your physical health is starting to take its toll.

Sound familiar?

There is another way!

Join Women of Resilience!

This yoga course is for you, as a woman with a courageous spirit. You are willing to look at your life, the experiences you have had and begin to integrate them. You are ready to make some changes to the way you think, feel, behave, and communicate. You want to create a sense of spaciousness around you and let go of the old emotions and beliefs that are taking you down. You are ready to integrate and transform the experiences you have had into wisdom and learning. You are ready to open up and find the support you need to let go of old patterns and integrate the experiences you have had, in a fully safe and supportive group with the likeminded women.  You are ready to open up and live as the woman you really are; that is a woman of courage, of strength, full of compassion and love with a big heart who has a warrior spirit and a sense of resilience to life’s challenges.

Ready to feel brand new?

Feel brand new by building a relationship with your Soul Body.

Imagine waking up in the morning and having enough energy to get up and go meditate or do a yoga practice. The sense of peace and calm that you get from that practice helps you keep your cool with your kids or work and time seems to take on a different persona. Rather than lurching from place to place, you notice a sense of spaciousness around you. You feel rooted and present and able to deal with the day to day issues with so much more ease. You begin to notice that you breath have changed, you can actually take deep breaths in and you feel much calmer within. Your relationships start to change too, you are more present and able to take time to listen to others as well as tune into your own needs. You connect to your inner sense of joy that is not connecting to anything from the outside. You radiate a bright light. People start to notice the radiance and glow that comes from within you, despite the difficulties that you may face. People turn to look at you as you enter the shops, you have a spring in your step and you start to realise this new energy is having an effect on people around you.

Likeminded Souls

Come and join this wonderful community of likeminded souls, to feel fully supported in changing the patterns in your life so that you can align with Who You Really Are. That woman, inside you, who is connected, vibrant, strong, resilient and clear.

Authenticity Essence

Along side this course, you can take a vibrational essence to help with the transformation. This essence meets you where you are on your journey of self development. It releases everything physically or emotionally that is sick and that you no longer need. It brings out your True Essence. You can read more here

Dates and Times

Tuesday’s on zoom and in person

14 Sept – 7 Dec 10-12pm (no class during half term)

Thursdays in person

16th Sept – 9th Dec 10-12pm (no class during half term)


Tuesday mornings: venue TBC

Thursday mornings: Room Frome



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