Women of The Wise Heart-Kundalini Yoga Course

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Women of The Wise Heart-Kundalini Yoga Course

You are a woman of the wise heart. Brave, courageous and tender. You look at the state of the world and feel the pain, the fear and you witness divide within society and your own life. There are times when you are overwhelmed by what is happening in the world and it taps into insecurity and feelings of being unsafe. You want to protect yourself, your livelihood, your family and your community. The mind tries to figure it all out. You get lost in spirals on thoughts and lose the clarity.

And yet your heart also knows there is another way. You know that the wisdom of the heart can lead the way. You want to create positive change in these times and in your own life. You are motivated to really look at what is it that blocks you from trusting your inner wisdom and living it fully. You know that you have gifts and wisdom to share, you know there is a calling deep within you to carve out the wisdom of the New Earth. You yearn for your community and sisterhood of likeminded people to connect with as a means of support. You see these times as an opportunity to make deep changes in yourself and raise your frequency so that you can show others the way. Your heart is yearning for a new way. You know this new way is within you and starts with your open heart. It starts with your vulnerability to be broken open to receive the new gold frequency on this planet and embody the New Human.

Heal the wounds of love through the heart

The Grey Period

We are in a period of time before the chaos begins and it is a time of letting go of attachment to the past conditioning. We clamour for safety in our homes, in our jobs, our relationships and the things we have. Now is the time to move beyond the attachments and to attach to a deeper part of you. The part that is all knowing and is all encompassing. There is no conspiracy here on this planet, we are going through a growth stage and a time of evolution. Mother Gaia is raising her frequency and so it humanity, whether you are aware of it or not. This is a time for deep inner work. Break open the heart to find the wisdom and open up to the new information that is coming through to help us navigate these times.

The New Human

Traditionally, when the student was ready, the master would appear. And the master, usually in the flesh, would work to break open the student so they could be remoulded. In these times, the masters reside in the 5D and that mastery is YOU! You are the vessel. Learn to trust and open up to this higher aspect of yourself beyond your fears and limitations and open up to receive the gold frequency which is the blueprint for the New Earth and The Golden Age.

Do you understand that the new human is you? It is the embodiment the love and wisdom of this planet. It is those that are ready to open up to receive the new frequencies, the new consciousness and the information that is coming through you. It is for those who are ready to really face their shadow and clear the path for Self Mastery. You decide where you put your focus. Do you focus on what is not working? Or do you use the gift of the mind to navigate this new paradigm and bring your whole energetic being into alignment? Are you ready?

The New Teachings

My teacher Satyavrati Yogi, once known as Karta Singh, went into a coma during his illness with COVID. This was a true blessing where he entered a state of bliss for many days. During his awakening he chose whether to leave the 3D reality or came back to help us navigate these times. He came back to planet Earth with a new found frequency which is now shares with us. This course uses many of the meditations and kriya’s that he has, and continues, to channel to help us to bridge the choppy waters of this time. Come and be blessed by the power of these teachings and how they will transform you from the inside out!


January 11th – 7th April (12 weeks, no class during half term)

Tuesdays 10-12pm in person and on zoom

Thursdays 10-12pm in person (Room Frome)


In person classes are held in Frome


‘I gained a deep surrendering from this course.’ Renee

‘I have experienced by own Divinity and expansion. It keeps me centred, positive and in flowing which is amazing.’ Daniella

‘This course gave me integration, introspection and an inner strength and resourcefulness.’

‘I have received a belief in my own resilience and a stronger core and feeling of groundedness. This practice supports my inner work and the ability to receive love and wisdom from source.’ Kelly

‘I felt really proud of myself for doing it and showing up. It definitely gave me a feeling of some kind of strength deep within me.’ Star

‘It gave me awareness of my personal strength and resilience, awareness of blocks and limitations around not being worthy/good enough and feelings “I can’t do this”. It also gave me reassurance that am not alone that there is life to trust’ Olivia

‘I gained a deep soul connection and was able to release fear and judgment’ Emily

‘My connection with myself has grown. I am more caring and nurturing if myself. I have a deeper understanding of my journey.’ Elaine

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