Women’s Kundalini yoga course-The Art of Surrender


What if life was always working out for you?

How would life be if you were able to let go of deep rooted fears and trust the flow of life?

10 week course to drop your fears and find your flow….

Women’s Kundalini yoga course- The Art of Surrender

Learn The Art of Surrender

The Art of Surrender

Our subconscious programming, even though is subtle,  has a huge impact in your life. Programming that we have inherited from our parents, from past lives or this life have an affect on the way we live. We are often controlled by deep rooted fears that prevent us from really relaxing and living a life of ease. Our life is mostly spent in survival mode, worrying about whether we have enough and if we have enough time to get things done. This fear and worry prevents us from being able to fully let go and surrender to what is. We have an idea about how life ‘should’ be and then get upset when things don’t follow the constructs of the limited mind.

What if life was always working out for you?

How would life be if you were able to let go of deep rooted fears and trust the flow of life?

Kundalini Yoga – yoga of transformation

The yogic philosophy teaches us that life is a flow. It is always flowing and the Universe is abundant and you can be too. When we are able to live in surrender to what is and practice unconditional love (energy of acceptance) then we create a space for that flow to manifest miracles in our life.

Kundalini yoga is a powerful technology that clears the subconscious. We are not just stretching the physical body, we are going through a deep personal transformation. In this course we will explore what your blocks are to total surrender in your life and why you are not living in flow and abundance and how you can fully let go and trust life is there to support you.

Beautiful community

Join me, Jotipal Kaur, an experienced therapist and Kundalini yoga teacher with 15 years experience. I hold a strong, compassionate and safe space for likeminded women who are open to a deep experience to clear old patterns. Come and find a way to live in alignment with your true nature. Your true nature is the part of you that is expanded, loving, joyful and has faith and trust in the Universe. Drop your fears and insecurities and build a relationship with this expanded part of you so you can live a much more peaceful, joyful and happier life.

Dates and Times

10 week course starting 30th April (Tuesdays) or 2nd May (Thursdays)  2024

**Please note there is no class during half term (27-31 May)**

Tuesdays 10-12pm ONLINE OR IN PERSON

OR Thursday 10-12pm IN PERSON

Classes are recorded and you can switch between a Tuesday or Thursday if you cannot make a class one week (dependent of space)



Tuesdays online, Tuesdays in person, Thursdays in person


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