Sound Healing Gong Bath in Frome and Bath

Come and enjoy the smooth and velvet sounds of the gong and find deep peace and relaxation with Gong Baths in Frome.

“I felt so energised and deeply relaxed in this gong bath as if I’d indulged in a luxurious massage.” – HB Frome

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Bath bookings are through the Yoga Bodhi website.

Heal yourself at all levels with Gong Baths in Frome

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Gong Baths in Frome will give you access to a simple yet powerful healing. It is an ancient instrument with many health benefits. All you have to do is come along, lie down under a blanket and let go!

32 inch Symphonic Gong

During the gong baths, I play a 32 inch symphonic Gong which has all the frequencies of the Universe within it.

It has the most beautiful sound and will take you to another place! As well as being very relaxing it also has many health benefits.

Gong Baths are not suitable for pregnant women in the first or third trimester or children under 8 years old.

Many health benefits of Gong Baths

Join me for a powerful healing with a Gong Bath in Bath!
  • The sound current penetrates the body and removes blocks and stuck energy
  • It is deeply relaxing and great for combating stress
  • 30 mins is equivalent to 4 hours sleep
  • It boost the immune system and aids circulation
  • Promotes healing through the whole body and mind
  • Puts the brain into a theta state which is best for healing and relaxation
  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Aligns the chakras
  • Creates stillness and vitality


“I slept so well afterwards! Thank you!”

“Gong Baths are a new experience for me. I quickly went into a deep calm state and couldn’t believe a whole hour had passed! Not only is it incredibly relaxing, but if feels restorative and so healing too. I look forward to more.”
– NM Frome

“This was the first time I had felt so much energy for months”

Bath bookings are through the Yoga Bodhi website.

1-1 Gong Bath

If you would like a 1-1 Gong Bath, please contact me to arrange this fabulous experience.

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