Mantra Meditation

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‘Powerful’ and ‘Profound’ Mantra Retreat

6-8th November 2020, Glastonbury

This retreat is an extraordinary experience. It has been described as both ‘Powerful’ and ‘Profound’

The repetition of a mantra makes a person, bright, light, radiant, and prosperous.

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Open to the Healing Energy of the Cosmos

Mantra Meditation gives you a resource whereby you can uplift yourself from stress

As you chant, the tongue moves on the upper palette which is like a map and has a profound effect on the brain and the glands of the body so you are taken to an experience of Ecstasy.

It has a profound effect on the chemistry of the brain and brings you supreme peace and deep silence of the Soul can come through.

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A balm applied to the wounds of Life

Through my own exploration, I have come to understand the profound  benefits to chanting.

I have found it to be a balm that gets applied to the wounds of life. It takes me to a very still place so I can experience my vastness and drop the feelings of isolation, limitation or powerlessness.

The repetition of a mantra is known to be one of the fastest and easiest ways to purify the mind and body. It is said to burn past karma and releases you from fear. It elevates you to a heightened state of consciousness. Jappa (repetition of a mantra) makes a person bright, light, happy, conscious and prosperous so it is such an accessible tool to elevate your own consciousness when chanted from the heart.

Chanting in a group

When we chant together we create a powerful energy that carries us. It is through our collective consciousness that we can create positive change.

We are a drop in the big ocean but when those drops come together we create ripples and then waves that create change.

Come and be part of something beautiful and inspiring and heal yourself, others and the planet.

Example of a mantra

Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung

This mantra is called the Siri Gaitri Mantra which draws on the energy of the sun, moon, earth and Infinity. Just as light refracts through a diamond into a rainbow, so this mantra does the same with the healing energy of Universal Consciousness through our body.

The words of this mantra are ‘Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung’ and it is chanted by bringing the sound up through the chakras to the top of the head to mix with the Ether element and then brought back down through the body to the lower chakras. There are several mudra’s that can be used with this mantra.

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