The Healing Properties of Words

I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you’

In 1983 Dr Hew Len worked as a psychologist in a psychiatric hospital institution in Hawai for 3 years where most patients were incarcerated for rape, murder, assault or battery against people or property.  Staff often used ankle and wrist restraints and the use of seclusion rooms on patients due to high levels of violence. Staff sickness was high, visiting hours were rare and there was no rehabilitative work done with patients.

After 3 years in 1987, the work in the psychiatric hospital had been transformed. Seclusion rooms were no longer in use, nor were ankle and wrist restraints, violence was rare and patients had become responsible for their own rehabilitative care with on and off site work. Family visits had increased and sick leave by staff was no longer a common problem. He did not do any therapy or counselling with the patients or run any conferences for staff or patients.

What he did was take 100% responsibility for the experience that was happening all around him.  He used the process called Ho’oponopono which is a Hawaiian method of healing of repentance, forgiveness, and transmutation for what ever was going on WITHIN HIM.

You see, whatever we experience in life is actually a reflection of our inner world.  Our old patterns and experiences which in turn affect our belief systems, our thoughts and finally the way we interact with the world, create our reality. Our 5 senses are our filters and are deeply affected by what we have experienced.  In actual fact, we only really see about 20% of what is happening around us and the rest is made up of memories of the mind.  So by cleaning away these memories and old belief systems, we can change the way we see the world and then change our experience of it. We can become freer, more joyful and less fearful. Kundalini Yoga and BodyTalk both work on this principle.

Dr Hew Len asked people to take full responsibility for what is in their world, whether it be illness, money issues or relationship problems and keep cleaning away the imperfect crap; the memories that react and replay as judgement, resentment, anger or irritation. When we take full responsibility for it, we can release it.

He used 4 statements: ‘I’m sorry, please forgive me, Thank you, I love you’ and said it over and over to himself.

He healed a whole hospital of patients. What do you want to heal in your life today?

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