Treatments in Frome

BodyTalk – Energy Medicine

In BodyTalk we are interested in WHY symptoms exists because what is stored in the body is a reflection of what is stored in a subconscious mind. 90%of what gets played out in our life is from the subconscious so even though it is subtle, it has a profound effect on our life! We work to release the root cause of illness and dis-ease by clearing cellular memory, rewiring the brain, clearing subconscious programming and inherited and karmic traits (unresolved energy) and bringing the energy of the BodyMind back into balance. BodyTalk can also be performed over zoom, over the phone or through a photograph.

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Lymphatic Drainage

Unlike other forms of  lymphatic drainage, The Veltheim Method of Lymphatic Drainage is a gentle approach that can be performed on or off the body. It can be performed directly on the skin while the body is suitably draped which is a deeply nourishing and relaxing experience. It clears away toxins and emotions, increases immune function, energy, vitality, helps with weight loss and is deeply relaxing.

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