Testimonials for Lymphatic Drainage

1I feel truly blessed to have received a lymphatic drainage treatment from Jotipal today. I experienced the innate power of her gentle touch to open, cleanse and release flows of energy into areas that had previously felt tender and blocked. The impact of this healing treatment goes beyond that which is seen, into those hidden depths that need release. An emotional freeing. A physical breath of air. I would recommend Jotipal to anyone who wants healing from one who embodies love, compassion and the wisdom of what she does.With a heart-full of gratitude. Thank you Jotipal.’ – Lisa Woods

‘Jotipal is one of the most amazing people I have had the pleasure to meet. She is very knowledgeable, warm and understanding. The treatments with her are very gentle and relaxing. Leaving the treatments I always feel really focused and calm and that feeling stays with me for many days. You can clearly see that Jotipal loves and enjoys what she does and it has a very positive effect on her treatments.’ – Talia Shaw

Testimonials for BodyTalk

“As always you were extraordinary today Jotipal… thank you for making it such a safe place to be’. The effect of the treatment today was very powerful and empowering. Thank you very much.” – MB


‘Since my last appointment I have been able to do a lot of thinking and really come to understand very specifically the issues that I have had all of my life life surrounding men, relationships and intimacy…. As time has progressed I have noticed a definite shift in how I feel around men and relate to them. I am thrilled to find that the usual fears and anxieties are no longer there which is very liberating for me as you can imagine.’ – SB London

‘I have been attending BodyTalk sessions with Jotipal for sometime. She has helped me develop a new way of looking at certain situations in mu life and I feel that as a result, I am happy to say that relations with my close family have improved considerably. I am very grateful to you Jotipal.’ – MH Chilcompton

Emotional Issues and Trauma

‘I can highly recommend Bodytalk as a therapy, but, more importantly Jotipal as a practitioner. I have noticed substantial positive difference in myself, my belief systems, and health and family relationships. What is reassuring is that your body is the deciding factor in what issue is being brought to the surface, so you can’t be overwhelmed by it the session, and I have always found that whatever self reflection I am aware of at the time is healed.’

Jotipal is an extraordinary practitioner, and I have found her to be professional, competent but above all, compassionate and caring. I would highly recommend both Jotipal and Bodytalk as a therapy, and have hugely benefited from it. In my opinion Bodytalk is a safe, non-invasive and valuable practice, which, when administered by someone as knowledgeable as Jotipal, can heal chasms of the mind, body and soul.’ – LG Frome

‘I have had a number of Bodytalk sessions with Jotipal and each time have noticed subtle and yet significant changes in me within a couple of days of the treatment. Bodytalk works on a very deep level and the changes I have noted in myself have been  around my attitude and approach to life . I have become less controlling of my environment, more insightful into my own behaviour and the affect it has on others, and  more able to let go in all areas of my life. This in turn has helped create better balance for me on a physical level too.’

Jotipal is very knowledgeable and is able to give clear and accessible explanations of what is going on in my body/mind which is important for me . Her approach is compassionate, warm and very professional. I would recommend Bodytalk with Jotipal to anyone who needs support to improve their physical, emotional, mental or spiritual health.’  – KH Frome

The practitioner facilitates the healing process within the BodyMind

‘I haven’t had a migraine since. I can have as much alcohol, coffee, chocolate or cheese (or stress!) as I want and I can’t even make myself have a migraine anymore.   I didn’t even tell her that I suffered from migraines, because as far as I was concerned, the physical ailments were the least of my concerns.  But she “read” my body and told me my brain was frozen in fear and panic and this was causing physical problems.  She did what she described as “cleared” blockages and she said “ it should help with the migraines”. She doesn’t diagnose – she just finds these blockages then clears them.  After the first session I felt lighter in my head.  Five weeks later my purse is still full of unused medication.  After the second session, I felt lighter in my chest and more confident and happier emotionally.  I am less reactive and more able to cope.   I have tried absolutely everything: conventional medicine, psychotherapy, counselling, alternative remedies – and this is the first time I’ve found someone who is actually getting to the heart of it! So yes, it’s absolutely life changing.’

 Chronic Fatigue

‘In the summer of 2010 I was diagnosed as suffering from nervous exhaustion. I was unable to breathe, had no energy, was walking like a very elderly lady (I’m 46) and I was terrified. What had I done to myself? Serendipitously my mum sent me a cutting from the paper she’d found in January which described bodytalk and I looked it up on the web. Following the video I tapped out my cortices and after 24 hours noticed that my breathing was better. I’ve had lots of alternative treatments in my life and have great faith in them so as I was going to see my mum so thought I’d find a practitioner near her.

Jotipal was the person I found. I had one session with her face to face and followed up with distance treatments about every 3 weeks for 5 months. Although I have now stopped having regular treatment, I still tap out my cortices. I definitely notice a difference if I don’t, particularly in respect of being able to sleep and my general levels of energy.

‘My recovery is nothing short of remarkable. From not having been able to get off the sofa or take a deep breathe I am now cycling again and walking with my previous vigour; from not having been able to sleep I can sleep for upwards of 9 hours. I would recommend Jotipal to anyone who wants to experience the wonders of BodyTalk.’ – SW Harrogate

Family Issues

‘Every BodyTalk session I have with Jotipal has profound and visible effects on my energies. Whether it be releasing deeply-held fears, anger or pain, each time helps me to become more aware of what I need to let go of in order to become happier, healthier and stronger within myself. Recently we worked on changing a family dynamic held between me and my parents. The effects have been absolutely joyous and were instantaneous. Whatever we are working on in each session, it is wonderful to feel the deep love and support that Jotipal gives, and she holds the healing space with clarity and gentleness. Thank you Jotipal!’ – SH Frome


‘BodyTalk stopped my morning sickness and helped support me during my pregnancy when I had terrible pelvis and back pain. Would definitely use BodyTalk again.’ – AN Frome

‘Just wanted to say Thank you. I have felt a lot less nauseous and have not been sick since our session. It is such a relief.’ – HH Frome


‘I was suffering from low energy, depression, lack of motivation, frustration and sleeplessness. I approached Jotipal in desperation with a high degree of scepticism that BodyTalk would work for me. Now I train in the martial arts every day, I am pursuing dreams long forgotten in the gloom of depression and I sleep at night. Don’t take my word for it, try it and find out for yourself. What have you got to lose?’ – SH Shepton Mallet

Back Pain

‘In late summer I had severe back pain. I went to Jotipal for BodyTalk sessions alongside 2 other therapies over the period of 12 weeks. After every session I felt issues were coming up, talked about and addressed. Jotipal gave me exercises that helped and the sessions eased the pain. If I felt the need I would attend sessions with Jotipal again as I felt it benefited me both emotionally and physically! Thanks Jotipal’ – FH Stroud

‘I was amazed after my BodyTalk session, everything that was picked up made so much sense and it fixed my back instantly! Would highly recommend’ – PA Frome

Exam Stress

‘Jotipal gave me a BodyTalk session for exam stress which really helped to calm my nerves, and keep me much more focused. Usually the nerves get the better of me which means I keep having to go to the toilet but this time I felt calm and didn’t have the urge to go. The great thing was that I also passed! I’d definitely have more sessions’ – FB Surrey

Preparation for Surgery

‘I had been seeing Jotipal for stress related difficulties and finding the sessions extremely helpful. I then was due to have a wisdom tooth extraction, and due to previous complications was very anxious about the surgery. Jotipal did a BodyTalk session prior to the surgery, and gave me some “rescue techniques” [from BodyTalk Access] to use on the day. As a result, I was very calm as I approached the surgery and things went well. Jotipal then did another Body Talk session after the surgery, and gave me further rescue exercises in order to prevent the post operative issues I had experienced in the past. I feel certain that Jotipal’s help resulted in a positive outcome, and would recommend her support’ – TWFrome

And many more…

“The effect of the treatment today was very powerful and empowering. Thank you very much.” – MB

“My son was very miserable and didn’t want to socialise. Judging from the difference in my son after just a few sessions, it can only be an excellent experience. He is more interactive, smiling and happy now.” – JR Cornwall

“I had worked with Jotipal a couple of times when I had a serious accident which necessitated a spell in hospital and major surgery. I asked Jotipal if she could do a remote session before my surgery, which she did. The outcomes of the operation was better than the surgeons expected.’ – TW Frome

“I have hesitated to write this as I can hardly believe it! I have more physical energy, …I feel like a human being…I am not dragging myself around…I have more enthusiasm to do things…I feel good. THANK YOU!!!” – DC Devizes

“I have had a number of Bodytalk sessions with Jotipal and each time have noticed subtle and yet significant changes in me within a couple of days of the treatment.’ – KH Frome

“I can’t believe my migraines have stopped altogether, I am how?! Its like a miracle. I can have as much alcohol, cheese, chocolate and stress as I like and I can’t even make myself have a migraine now! I am going to save so much money on medication!” – KC

“I’ve discovered more issues underneath the layer of issues that she pulled off last time. Its really exciting and such a relief to know there are people out there who can help. After the second session I feel lighter in my chest, more confident and happier emotionally. I am less reactive and more able to cope. I have tried absolutely everything- conventional medicine, psychotherapy, counselling, alternative remedies- this is the first thing i have found that actually worked!”

“The effect of the treatment today was very powerful and empowering. Thank you very much.” – MB

‘My recovery is nothing short of remarkable. From not having been able to get off the sofa or take a deep breathe I am now cycling again and walking with my previous vigour; from not having been able to sleep I can sleep for upwards of 9 hours. I would recommend Jotipal to anyone who wants to experience the wonders of BodyTalk.’ – SH

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