Welcome to The Golden Light

Welcome to my new website, The Golden Light.

I’ll be back soon with more news and posts.

Love and light

Jotipal Kaur

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3 Responses to Welcome to The Golden Light

  • Congratulations Jotipal on the birth of your new website!!! Thank you for sharing your insights and inspirations with us all. Full power to you lady, much love and golden light;) xxxxxx Rory-Clare

  • Have heard nothing buy good things about BodyTalk. Would love to know what you charge for a session.

    • Hello Corina

      I have only just seen this post. How are you? Glad that you have heard good things 🙂

      I charge £45 per session for Bodytalk and if you are wanting to have a package of kundalini yoga and/or meditations to help you, then we can talk about this and the price would be tailored accordingly.

      How is life with you?

      Would you like me to book you a session. I can do distance or face to face work x

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